Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Craft

Pom Pom Spiders making a run for it

It's that time of the year, the shops are laden with pumpkins, ghosts and all things Halloween, in particular I have never ever seen so much Halloween stuff as here in America, the shops have aisles and aisles dedicated to Halloween goods, from pumpkins to costumes, to house decorations and trick & treat sweets. It's crazy.

We'd normally just don a costume and go trick or treating, unless Mel & Chris are holding one of their famous Halloween Parties and well that's another story, a day of partying in Halloween costume need I say more.

But here they celebrate Halloween big and I mean big huge in fact, houses are decorated with all things gore, from skeletons to graveyards it's all there and it's fab.

There's halloween parties, parades, get togethers, we've already been invited to 3 Halloween parties, and then Ruby's school is doing a Halloween parade and she is having a class Halloween Party (I am helping to organise) it's going to be a great day.

So we thought we'd enter into the spirit of Halloween and thanks to Pinterest and having a lazy day at home on Saturday we did some easy Halloween craft

First up was making spiders to go on our cobwebs outside the house, to make these all we used were black pom poms, which I made myself following this pom pom tutorial, some eyes and pipe cleaners (chenille stems) easy as that.

Using the 4 pipe cleaners per spider we folded the pipe cleaners in half then twisted them together to make the legs

As I had kept my loose ends when I tied the pom pom together, I used the ends to wrap around the legs and tie the body to the legs, all that was left to do was to glue the eyes on and mouths if required, of course my girls spiders did require mouths.

Tilly added a mouth to her spider
Ruby's Pom Pom Spider

 and there you have them, pom pom spiders ready for Halloween.

Our next craft Halloween craft was so easy, making paper pumpkins, and again all we needed was some orange & black construction paper, paper fasteners and string. I found this tutorial on Pinterest, in fact check out my Halloween board there's lots of spooky ideas

Orange Strips, paper fasteners and faces ready to go

Using the orange construction paper (9"x12") I cut 1" wide strips - 12" long and then using 10 of these strips we inserted a paper fastener into one end of the strips.

Ruby inserting the paper fastener into the strips of paper

Once the fastener was through all 10 pieces of paper we fanned out the strips, and one by one collected them back up and threaded the other paper fastener through.

Strips fanned out
Ruby threading the paper through

Once the paper fastener was through all 10 strips of paper and closed, we fanned out the paper to form a globe shape.

A paper pumpkin ready to be pimped

Last job we glued on the eyes and mouth, cut out however you like from black construction paper and your pumpkin is made.

One Paper Pumpkin

So with the spiders and pumpkins made it was time to put them outside in our Halloween garden.

Have you done any Halloween craft or dressed up your house and garden for Halloween? we've had lots of fun doing ours.

Roll on Wednesday for the classroom party, school parade, trick and treating and our block party yeah

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