Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tilly's My Little Pony Birthday Party

Last Sunday was Tilly's 4th Birthday and this weekend we did her a party, you see my girls love a good party and although we've not been in America long, we've been here long enough for a few friendships to form so party time it was.

So we organized a small gathering of friends to help Tilly celebrate her birthday, now Tilly is mad on My Little Pony and horses in general so it seemed fitting to organize her a My Little Pony Party. We got some cute invitations and I hit Party City to stock up on My Little Pony party things - you know the usual paper plates, cups, pin the cutie mark on the pony, balloons etc.

Earlier in the week I decided that the kids could decorate pony cookies and do a little craft, which was coloring in some wooden ponies (at $1 a piece it was a great find) and the other game I had in mind was pin the horn on the unicorn our version of pin the tail on the donkey - however I spotted a great game in Party City which was pin the (or stick the) cutie mark on the My Little Pony instead.

Preparations took place on Friday, I cleaned the house, Daddy made and iced the cake - you see in our house Mr C is the cake maker, he has handmade every single cake for each girl since their 1st birthdays.

The Cake Maker in action
I made a cheesecake - this divine lemon and blueberry cheesecake that I found on Pinterest and the sugar cookies the day of the party (I had made the dough the night before and chilled it) with my little helper - her job was to cut out the ponies. For the sugar cookies I used this fab sugar cookie recipe

Tilly the official pony cookie cutter

So with the cheesecake made and setting in the fridge, the sugar cookies baked and cooled down, the girls prepared for the party this included, the guests of honor all lined up waiting for their grand entrance.

Guests of honor waiting for the party to start  

 Getting the table ready for the non pony guests....

Table all set - My Little Pony style

And importantly bringing the princess tent and some My Little Pony things down to play with, oh as well as putting on those party frocks.

Ready to Party

And then it was time to party - with all the guests here we started with the cookie decorating, we had icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips, m&m's you name it, it was there for decorating.

Ruby carefully decorating her pony
Busy bees decorating the cookies

After the cookie decorating and some play it was time to pin the cutie pie on the My Little Pony - this was great fun. For those of you that don't know what a cutie mark is, it's the mark each of the My Little Ponies have on their side and helps identify which My Little pony there are - who knew!!!!

Ryan guessing where the cutie mark belongs
Ruby's turn - she tried to cheat
Charlotte having a guess at where the cutie mark belongs

Next on the agenda after some more pony play was colouring in these little wooden ponies and a little bit of quiet time too.

busy and quiet the wooden ponies where a hit

And after all of that it was finally time to do the cake

Here's this years masterpiece

Happy Birthday to You
Happy birthday Dear Tilly
Happy Birthday to You

And it was a fabulous party, I have to say so myself, this year we kept it simple, we didn't over cater, we just dip a veggie platter with dip and cheesecake bites for the adults, served with tea, coffee or water.

And just cake for the kids and a few other treats, but no sandwiches, quiches etc. It was good, the time slot 3-5pm worked great, as it meant we had all day to get the party ready and it was between lunch & dinner so little snacks and cake went down well. And it was less stressful for us.

It's popular here in America to have birthday parties where the kids just come for cake and a play,  and having been to a couple of parties I noticed how easy this was and that's why we decided to the same and it worked so well and another bonus was it didn't take long to tidy up either and there wasn't much left over. I can honestly say it was a stress free party

Roll on Ruby's party now - the theme a Princess Party who'd have thought it.

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