Monday, 1 October 2012

Our Little Tilly Turns 4

My dear little Tilly turned 4 yesterday and we've had a wonderful weekend celebrating, it's been a weekend full of Tilly's favourite things.

Tilly & I started the weekend with a party she'd been invited too at a playcentre, for another little girl turning 4, who happens to share the same birthdate as Tilly. It was a great party thank you Emily. After the party we had a play at a nearby park - one of our favourites.

After an afternoon at home, we took Tilly for her Birthday meal out, on asking her where she'd like to go, the answer was "for pizza" so pizza it was and we went back to our favourite pizza restaurant Spacca Napoli for a pizza feast. And a special meal out means we bring out our party dresses.

The girls in their party dresses

Once again we had a fantastic, but reasonably priced meal out, the starters were exceptional and the pizza's out of this world.

The very nearly Birthday girl enjoying Pizza

And the best part was dessert, we told our waitress it was a certain person's birthday, so her dessert was rather special.

The Birthday Dessert

And Tilly wolfed down that Tartufo dessert. Again it was a fantastic night out, and Ruby said she wants to go there for her birthday too.

6.40am Sunday morning and the birthday girl was up and raring to open her presents, so they jumped into our bed and Tilly opened the present Ruby has chosen for her - Lego Friends.

Then it was downstairs to devour the pile of presents that had appeared overnight - she is one lucky girl.

Tilly with her presents

One by one they got opened with the help of Ruby, there was lots of excitement, with the most excitement & screaming coming from the opening of the Princess Amore Cadenza (My Little Pony) - it was the one present Tilly really really wanted - Thank you Auntie Lesley and Steve.

My Little Pony Wedding Castle

Tilly was very excited about all her presents, she got just what she wanted, Lego Friends, books, clothes and My Little Pony things, including a new lunch-bag, she was very excited about as she starts Lunch Bunch at her school this week- what more could a four year old want.

Perhaps a beautiful vest from Auntie B, Freya and Adrian and nice birthday cards too.

After the present opening and quick facetime with Nanna, we took Tilly out for breakfast at the Original Pancake House and then another special treat for her - pony rides yeah, Tilly loves horses, ponies so this was a very special treat.

Pony ride on Rodeo
waiting for pony ride no 2 

Tilly got to choose first the pony she wanted to ride on and chose Rodeo, whilst Ruby commandeered Silver,  ride no 2 Tilly picked Silver and Ruby rode Boots.

Tilly on Silver the pony

With the pony rides finished, it was home time, the girls got offered the chance to go to the cinema to see Hotel Transylvania, but both declined as they were eager to get home and make up all the Lego Friend kits Tilly had got for her birthday and all afternoon they played & played and played - my girls are Lego Friends crazy. Later that day Tilly told me she'd had the best birthday ever - bless her

And she gets to do it all over again next Saturday when she has her My Little Pony themed party.

And on that note we'd like to finish by saying Tilly is also very lucky to share her birthday with some amazing people so we'd like to say a big Happy Birthday to Auntie Lisa, our lovely Jo Jo and friend Caroline - we hope you've all had a lovely day.

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  1. Don't forget the same birthday as Deborah Kerr and tennis player Martina Hingis....


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