Hi I'm Karen and I am a stay at home mum to 2 gorgeous girls and wife to a Creative Director, our home is currently Chicago, USA having moved from Sydney Australia, our home for the last 11 years.  We're a bit British, a bit Australian and this is our big adventure....welcome

So a little about ourselves - well I was born in Sydney to British parents who came over to Australia as 10 pound pommes in the early 70's, unfortunately Australia was not to be our home and I was 6 months old when they returned back to York, England, so I grew up British until I went travelling - just a year backpacking around Australia I told my mum and 11 years later, married with 2 kids we were still there.

I had an absolute adventure travelling around Australia - it was fantastic and it was backpacking where I met my husband, yes I was after the Australian blonde, tanned surfer dude, however instead I met an Englishman who happened to be Leeds 25 miles from my home town of York - who'd have thought it and the rest is history, we married in the beautiful Hunter Valley, Australia.

Hubby is a Creative Director and it is his job that has taken us from our beloved Sydney to Chicago, an opportunity we felt we couldn't pass up, it's not every day you get to go, live and work in another country especially America.

Before kids I worked in the finance industry - Mortgages to be exact and as much as I would have loved to have gone back into it, after the birth of my first daughter, I felt my place was with her as a full time mum, and I was/am luckily enough to have a supportive husband who felt the same way. It wasn't too long before daughter no 2 came along and a family of four we became.

I  very much enjoyed being a mum in Sydney, the laid back lifestyle and attitude is great, Mothers Group meetings in Parks all year round is a bonus, and there is plenty to do with children. I was heavily involved in our local playgroup, 2 years running I took on the volunteer role of Play group Chairperson, a role I thoroughly enjoyed. Now I am looking forward to my role as an American MOM!!!!!

Now my days are filled with all things to do with the girls, we are very active and outdoorsy - after living in Sydney it's hard not to be, so our favorite activities are playgrounds, swimming, indoor/outdoor play areas, craft, paint a pot, and the beach. So when we are at home the girls play in their room, and I play in my sewing room - I love craft, sewing was my favorite until I discovered knitting, the perfect craft to do whilst watching TV.

And that is a little about us I hope you enjoy reading.