Monday, 14 November 2011

From Sydney to Chicago (Via A Short UK Holiday)

Welcome to my first post - our exciting news is we are moving from Sydney to Chicago via a short holiday in the UK.

You see my hubby got offered a job in Chicago with the same firm he works for here and we thought why not, let's experience America for a couple of years and see if it's true about living "the American Dream" so we're in and we're off.

However myself and my two gorgeous girls are going via England first, we're leaving Daddy to pack up the house and start his new job in Chicago while we have a whale of a time in England with our friends and family - perfect

Although excited to be looking forward to our new adventure, we are equally so sad about leaving this beautiful city and country that has been our home for 11 years, our gorgeous wonderful friends that make living here so much fun and enjoyable we will miss you all old & new.

The plan is to blog about our American (and a little UK) adventure - the quirky findings, obscure events/happenings, normal every day stuff but most of all it will be a reminder to us of our journey and life there

Sit back, hold on tight and enjoy our journey with us.

The Travelling Chaplins