Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WeightWatchers Week 1 & 2

On Monday 7th January I started back on WeightWatchers - a weight loss program that works for me. I knew I had put weight on in the last few months and particularly over Christmas & New Year but I was still shocked to see my weight when I jumped on the scales 2 weeks ago.

I weighed in at 72.9kg or 161lbs shocking, I was shocked and it was time to face reality, I am overweight and I need to lose at least 15kg or 33lbs, and I'd like to lose it a bulk of it by my 40th Birthday at the end of March - big feat and quite possibly an unrealistic feat, but I like a challenge and when I get determined, I get very determined, but I'll be very happy with half of it lost by then just to keep it realistic.

I'm doing WW online, so I'm armed with the WW app on my iPhone and iPad - that way I can track my food quickly and easily. I'm allowed 26 points per day and I have an additional 49 points per week for extras plus I can earn exercise points which I can convert to food points. I'm also armed with a couple of WW cook books and a WW Pinterest board for recipe ideas.

My WW supplies

 Week 1- Weight Loss -2.3kg/5.07lbs

My first week 7th Jan - 13th Jan was great, I stuck to my daily points quite easily, making better food choices to maximize what I could eat, lots of no point fruit and veg, and I managed to get on the treadmill 4 times, I must admit Netflix on the iPad = a good walk on the treadmill, I pick an episode (43mins) of a series, I'm watching currently Once A Upon A Time and I walk. I started my first week at 3mph

The result was a big loss of 2.3kg or 5lbs I was very pleased, my first week I always find I have a good start, then it tapers off to a more realistic and steady weight loss, so week 2 I do not expect a big loss, I'm hoping for 1kg though.

Week 2 -0.8kg/1.76lbs

My mum arrived in Chicago on Sunday and my mum is really good at watching her weight she uses the fitness pal app to keep her on track plus she runs, so I knew she'd be happy to have WW meals etc, but I also knew with mum being here I wouldn't be so strict, but I did manage the treadmill 5 times this week and I upped the speed to 3.3mph. Every meal was a home cooked WW meal, and we have indulged in a few little treats and the odd coffee but I have used my additional points and exercise points for these and I still didn't use them all so this week I was pleased with a weight loss of 0.8kg/1.76lbs, I'm now just under 70kg.

Bills Biryani - WW points 10

Favourite Meal this week - Our "takeaway" Lamb Biryani with a yoghurt dressing from The Best of Bill by Bill Granger - I halved the recipe and it gave us 3 portions at 10 points per serve yummy.

Monday, 28 January 2013

My Goals for 2013

Goodbye 2012,  Hello 2013

I saw this photo of Ruby when looking back through our photos of 2012 and I had to share even though it has nothing to do with my post, it just made me laugh.

I'm very late with this post almost a month late, but to those who know me, they know I am always late, I was born late and I've stayed that way ever since ooops, I am not, at all, an on time person even though I try hard to be.

So it is no surprise that I am writing my Happy New Year post a month late, so instead of boring you with how we saw in our New Years Eve (which was very quiet by the way) I'm going to share my goals, not resolutions, with you.

After a very crazy busy big 2012 for us, which saw us move halfway across the world from Australia to live in America, Ruby started Kindergarten, we had a great family trip to New York, we did a fabulous road trip through America & Canada, Tilly's had her speech assessed and she has a speech (articulation) problem - we are now having speech therapy and she's nicely settled into preschool, and on top of that we've had visitors galore over to see us, so we've been able to explore the new city we live in and we've settled into life here in Chicago it's been a big year.

So I had a good think about what I'd like to do/achieve for 2013, will it be a quiet year or just as busy, after all 2013 is a big year for me as I turn 40 so it deserves big plans/goals and this is what I came up with

Goal 1 - Get fit, fab and forty - I started back on WeightWatchers on Monday 7th Jan in a big effort to lose this weight and get fit.

Armed with my Weight Watchers Products

Goal 2 - To try and complete one sewing project a fortnight - I've already made one curtain.

Only another 2 to go

Goal 3 - Be more organized - this will truly be a toughie for me but I will get there, I'm starting with sorting out all my holiday stuff I keep, you know, ticket stubs, sightseeing brochures etc etc

Found These Ace "Scrapbooking" Supplies
Our Road Trip Holiday To Sort

Goal 4 - Explore more of America - places I'd like to visit Washington DC, Boston, Florida, Seattle, San Francisco to name but a few

Goal 5 - Spending more time outdoors as a family, and we all love camping so - Camping Weekends in Illinois and surrounding States

Goal 6 - Look for part time work - yes you heard me right Mr C, although first job is too apply for a work permit.

Goal 7 - My heart's desire this year is to do this - Craft Weekend - I have already sent my email off to be put on the waiting list - my biggest wish would be, that I get invited, over my 40th Birthday weekend in March - I think it would be truly wonderful - a weekend away crafting, shopping, eating, great company, new friends I would love it.

Goal 8 - Spend more girlie time with my girls - they are growing up fast and I want to treasure a few more years with them before all they want to do is hang with their friends and listen to music all day - I plan on doing a few more Mummy Daughter days - especially with Ruby as she doesn't get to me all to herself anymore, but Tilly still has me 2 full days a week without Ruby.

Ruby making snow angels
Tilly enjoying the snow

So there we go here's too a fitter, funner and more productive 2013.

Have you set any goals this year? Or is there anything special you'd like to achieve or do? Make 2013 your year to do it

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Very Merry Chaplin Christmas

Merry Christmas

It's a little late and so last year!!!! hee hee, but I have finally got our Christmas post up.

We love Christmas here in the Chaplin household and we like to do it as Christmassey as we can - I go all out on the sewing - Christmas tree skirt, Christmas bunting, a stocking for Mr C, and even a Christmas table runner and table mats all made for Christmas. And a lot of my presents too for family and friends we handmade too.

Mr C does most of the present, food & booze shopping and wrapping of the presents, he looks after us on Christmas day too by making our breakfast and Christmas Dinner.

As you know we've been scouring Chicago for all the Christmas events and have been taking part in them, so when the CTA holiday train came to Evanston on the 22nd Dec we were on it. It was spectacular, the whole train inside and out was decorated with lights, signs, and all things Christmassy, even Santa and his reindeer had a spot on the holiday train it was truly wonderful - and it's been running for over 20 years now.

The CTA Holiday Train
Santa on the Train

Riding the holiday train was so much fun and it was so busy.

On Christmas Eve we had the day at home, last minute Christmas preparations being done, stuffing being made and before long it was time for Church - we went to the family service at the Methodist Church and it was good.  Normally on Christmas Eve our family tradition is to have a ham roast dinner, but we decided this year as we had had Turkey only a month ago for Thanksgiving we'd have our ham roast for Christmas day, so with that in mind we meet some friends and their children and we went out for dinner - it was lovely and the first time I've ever had a burger for dinner on Christmas Eve.

After our lovely dinner we had a drive around Evanston looking at the lovely Christmas lights and decorations people adorn their houses and gardens with.

Then it was time for home - where Santa's elf had been to drop off an early Christmas present  - yes you've guessed it Christmas Pyjamas.

We also put up the Christmas stockings and made sure Santa and his Reindeers had a nibble and a drink too.

Making sure Santa is sorted out

After a read of the Christmas books the girls for once were eager to go to bed and await the arrival of Santa.

And the morning of Christmas Day I heard the patter of Tilly's footsteps (who is always first one up in our house) going down the stairs and coming back up shouting Ruby Ruby Santa's been - it was so cute, so with no time to even shake the sleep from our eyes we were all up and eager to open our presents.
The girls checking out their stockings
A joint present from Mummy & Daddy
Opening Grannie & Grandads Present
New Unicorn jumpers from Auntie Lesley

It was present heaven and Santa was so good to the kids this year - Ruby got the present she most desired - Baby Butterscotch and Tilly got her most desired present Olivia's house - part of the Lego Friends range.

On top of Santa's presents the girls did well off everyone else, getting unicorn (bike) helmets and the most beautiful hand knitted cardigans from Grannie and Grandad, unicorn jumpers from Lesley, minnie Mouse PJ's from Briony, dresses, underwear, games, craft, chocolate and our favourite Terry's Chocolate oranges - a family tradition in my house as my Grandad use to work at Terry's Chocolate Factory in York and supervised the Chocolate Orange section.

Tilly with the present from Santa
Ruby's present from Santa
The Terry's Chocolate Orange girls

After our crazy present opening, of which Mr C & I did well too getting all the presents we'd asked Santa for too plus a few more, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with a mimosa for us adults and apple juice for the girls.

The girls went crazy playing with all their presents and we made a few skype calls to family to join in the Christmas festivities - skype is so good particularly at time of the year when you live away from close family.

Before long it was time for Christmas Dinner - all prepared and cooked by Mr C, we decided on a ham this year but did all the trimmings to go along with it.

Ready for Christmas Dinner

We even got out our handmade candles we had made from scratch when visiting the Greenfield Village museum back in July, except we had forgotten to buy any candles holders for them, so we had to make do with beer bottles - very festive....

After our late lunch we were completely and utterly full, so we put on a movie of the girls choice - Madagascar 3, a Christmas present, and enjoyed this very funny movie whilst resting our bellies before we had our homemade Christmas Pudding and delicious it was.

Once the girls were in bed, Mr C and I were tempted to watch The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - a classic and very funny movie set here in Chicago, but as we had new DVD's to watch we settled on The Campaign - very funny.

All in all we had a lovely day, so different from the very busy Christmas we had last year when we were with family in the UK but just as good and a little bit quieter, hopefully family will be joining us next year for an all American Christmas Vacation - and yes we will watch The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie and make them where the t-shirts - hee hee.

And we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too with your families and a Happy New Year.