Monday, 28 January 2013

My Goals for 2013

Goodbye 2012,  Hello 2013

I saw this photo of Ruby when looking back through our photos of 2012 and I had to share even though it has nothing to do with my post, it just made me laugh.

I'm very late with this post almost a month late, but to those who know me, they know I am always late, I was born late and I've stayed that way ever since ooops, I am not, at all, an on time person even though I try hard to be.

So it is no surprise that I am writing my Happy New Year post a month late, so instead of boring you with how we saw in our New Years Eve (which was very quiet by the way) I'm going to share my goals, not resolutions, with you.

After a very crazy busy big 2012 for us, which saw us move halfway across the world from Australia to live in America, Ruby started Kindergarten, we had a great family trip to New York, we did a fabulous road trip through America & Canada, Tilly's had her speech assessed and she has a speech (articulation) problem - we are now having speech therapy and she's nicely settled into preschool, and on top of that we've had visitors galore over to see us, so we've been able to explore the new city we live in and we've settled into life here in Chicago it's been a big year.

So I had a good think about what I'd like to do/achieve for 2013, will it be a quiet year or just as busy, after all 2013 is a big year for me as I turn 40 so it deserves big plans/goals and this is what I came up with

Goal 1 - Get fit, fab and forty - I started back on WeightWatchers on Monday 7th Jan in a big effort to lose this weight and get fit.

Armed with my Weight Watchers Products

Goal 2 - To try and complete one sewing project a fortnight - I've already made one curtain.

Only another 2 to go

Goal 3 - Be more organized - this will truly be a toughie for me but I will get there, I'm starting with sorting out all my holiday stuff I keep, you know, ticket stubs, sightseeing brochures etc etc

Found These Ace "Scrapbooking" Supplies
Our Road Trip Holiday To Sort

Goal 4 - Explore more of America - places I'd like to visit Washington DC, Boston, Florida, Seattle, San Francisco to name but a few

Goal 5 - Spending more time outdoors as a family, and we all love camping so - Camping Weekends in Illinois and surrounding States

Goal 6 - Look for part time work - yes you heard me right Mr C, although first job is too apply for a work permit.

Goal 7 - My heart's desire this year is to do this - Craft Weekend - I have already sent my email off to be put on the waiting list - my biggest wish would be, that I get invited, over my 40th Birthday weekend in March - I think it would be truly wonderful - a weekend away crafting, shopping, eating, great company, new friends I would love it.

Goal 8 - Spend more girlie time with my girls - they are growing up fast and I want to treasure a few more years with them before all they want to do is hang with their friends and listen to music all day - I plan on doing a few more Mummy Daughter days - especially with Ruby as she doesn't get to me all to herself anymore, but Tilly still has me 2 full days a week without Ruby.

Ruby making snow angels
Tilly enjoying the snow

So there we go here's too a fitter, funner and more productive 2013.

Have you set any goals this year? Or is there anything special you'd like to achieve or do? Make 2013 your year to do it

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