Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WeightWatchers Week 1 & 2

On Monday 7th January I started back on WeightWatchers - a weight loss program that works for me. I knew I had put weight on in the last few months and particularly over Christmas & New Year but I was still shocked to see my weight when I jumped on the scales 2 weeks ago.

I weighed in at 72.9kg or 161lbs shocking, I was shocked and it was time to face reality, I am overweight and I need to lose at least 15kg or 33lbs, and I'd like to lose it a bulk of it by my 40th Birthday at the end of March - big feat and quite possibly an unrealistic feat, but I like a challenge and when I get determined, I get very determined, but I'll be very happy with half of it lost by then just to keep it realistic.

I'm doing WW online, so I'm armed with the WW app on my iPhone and iPad - that way I can track my food quickly and easily. I'm allowed 26 points per day and I have an additional 49 points per week for extras plus I can earn exercise points which I can convert to food points. I'm also armed with a couple of WW cook books and a WW Pinterest board for recipe ideas.

My WW supplies

 Week 1- Weight Loss -2.3kg/5.07lbs

My first week 7th Jan - 13th Jan was great, I stuck to my daily points quite easily, making better food choices to maximize what I could eat, lots of no point fruit and veg, and I managed to get on the treadmill 4 times, I must admit Netflix on the iPad = a good walk on the treadmill, I pick an episode (43mins) of a series, I'm watching currently Once A Upon A Time and I walk. I started my first week at 3mph

The result was a big loss of 2.3kg or 5lbs I was very pleased, my first week I always find I have a good start, then it tapers off to a more realistic and steady weight loss, so week 2 I do not expect a big loss, I'm hoping for 1kg though.

Week 2 -0.8kg/1.76lbs

My mum arrived in Chicago on Sunday and my mum is really good at watching her weight she uses the fitness pal app to keep her on track plus she runs, so I knew she'd be happy to have WW meals etc, but I also knew with mum being here I wouldn't be so strict, but I did manage the treadmill 5 times this week and I upped the speed to 3.3mph. Every meal was a home cooked WW meal, and we have indulged in a few little treats and the odd coffee but I have used my additional points and exercise points for these and I still didn't use them all so this week I was pleased with a weight loss of 0.8kg/1.76lbs, I'm now just under 70kg.

Bills Biryani - WW points 10

Favourite Meal this week - Our "takeaway" Lamb Biryani with a yoghurt dressing from The Best of Bill by Bill Granger - I halved the recipe and it gave us 3 portions at 10 points per serve yummy.

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