Thursday, 20 September 2012

Knit Knit Knit

I have been bitten badly by this knitting lark - I love it, I knit knit knit and knit some more. When the day is over, the girls are in bed and the TV is on my knitting needles are out.

There is a special birthday coming up soon and back in August I thought I would knit the little girl in question a Baby Kina, it was my first attempt at it and I was really pleased with it, as I had a little yarn leftover,  I went looking for a little hat pattern, I didn't want anything ordinary or too easy, and eventually I came across this this lovely tutorial for Two Lace Baby Hats and I knew it was just what I was looking for.

I picked the Tiffany Lace pattern and proceeded to cast on, it is an easy pattern to follow (although it looks hard) and a delight to knit, I did have a few ups & downs with it, and ended up restarting it a couple of times, and having to unpick a few rounds, but this was mainly due to my inexperience and not knowing how to pick up a dropped stitch, but I got there and I got into a lovely knitting flow with it and it wasn't long before it was finished and I was beaming like a Cheshire cat as I was so pleased with it. I can't wait to knit a few more, Ruby has already picked out her yarn pink of course.

I feel with each garment I knit, I am getting better and better, better at knitting, better at reading patterns, I just need to get better at picking up dropped stitches etc, a project for Grannie to teach me I think when they come over.

I was glad I had just enough yarn left over to knit the hat, as I think it goes beautifully with the Baby Kina and makes a lovely present together. I hope the birthday girl loves them too.

And what's on my needles now? well I'm now knitting a dress, yes a dress for my Tilly, she picked the colours, and I'm excited to knit this one, but it may take awhile.......then I will knit something for me, well after a few more hats I think.


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