Friday, 28 September 2012

My Little Girl Starts Pre-School

It wasn't long after Ruby started Kindergarten, that my little Tilly started Pre-School and I'm so glad she has something to do 3 afternoons a week, as without Ruby she was a little lost at home.

Everyday without fail my two girlies would head off to their bedroom to play, sometimes it's princesses, sometimes it's pet keeper, sometimes they can sit for hours playing Lego Friends together but play they do, I often hear them in their own world of imagination and often I get called in to play the "customer" at their restaurant or the customer at their pet shop - it's so cute but don't get me wrong I'm not painting the perfect sisters playing happily together, as we do and often have our fair share of arguing, fighting and not sharing arrrghhh the joys of sisterhood.

There is an upside though with Ruby at school there is no arguing over Lego pieces, colouring books, horses and marker pens, there has been a peaceful air around the home, Tilly can often happily amuse herself, whilst I am busying doing chores.

Tilly surrounding herself with things to do

So Tilly starting Pre-School is a big thing for her, she gets to socialise with children her age, it's only for 2.5 hours a day, 3 days a week, but she does look forward to it. It's so nice she is going afternoons too, as mornings are a big rush to get Ruby to school, so often once Ruby is dropped off Tilly & I get to have some time together and I'm loving I have my little girl to myself she is so easy.

Lunching before Pre-school

First Day At Pre-School 

Tilly's been at school 2 weeks now and has made several friends, settled in well and learnt some fabulous new songs including icky sticky bubblegum which she couldn't wait to sing to me and this week she even got to celebrate her birthday there (her birthday is on Sunday), they do encourage Birthday celebrations.

Celebrating with Cupcakes

All the kids do a picture birthday wish for her, which gets made into a book for her to keep, she gets to make her own crown, and at circle time (with mummy included) they read out the birthday wishes book to Tilly, then they get to enjoy a birthday treat - the highlight of the afternoon, Tilly picked chocolate & vanilla cupcakes (much to my disappointment we are not allowed to supply homemade goods to the children they have to be store bought - a rant for another time)

All in all pre-school is going down a treat, and I have a little free time on my hands too.

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