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The Annual Chaplin Family Road Trip - Day 5

Day 5 - DollyWood, Pigeon Forge, TN - 16th July

Waking up to beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains was fabulous, breakfasting on the Lodge veranda overlooking those fabulous Mountains, was just what the soul needed to start another wonderful day.

Fooling around after breakfast was fun, until you meet a bear, yes we were in bear country too, I prefer the stuffed type.

So after a lovely breakfast we said goodbye to Grannie & Grandad, for today they were visiting a minister friend and we were hitting Dollywood, Dolly Partons Theme Park.

I have to say it would not have been my choice to visit Dollywood, but Mr C really wanted to go, friends had told him it was great and he loves theme parks, and surprisingly we had a great time.

We went on the cars, got splashed, or rather Tilly & I got soaked on the rapid rides.

Tilly & Mr C went on the Mountain Slidewinder - Ruby is not a theme park kinda of girl - Tilly however loves the thrill.

Next stop lunch, we went to a 1950's style diner, and we were treated to a little show whilst we ate lunch.

After lunch I decided I wanted to take the girls on the Dollywood Express and to the more kiddy theme park area, so Mr C got a pass to go and explore all the big rides he wanted to ride, that the girls were too small for.

The Dollywood Express was a coal-fired steam engine that took us on a five-mile journey through the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. It was fun and we saw the big rides Mr C had gone on.

After our little train adventure, I took the girls into Country Fair, an area of rides for the kids, the girls first stop of course was the carousel and while on it, the girls made friends with 2 lovely girls called Ally & Abby and that was it for the next few hours, we went and did everything with Ally & Abby it was lovely. Abby was the same age, size and grade as Ruby. Ally her sister was slightly older.

We rode the scrambler, the girls had their faces painted together, they rode the junior roller coaster together, they wanted to do everything together. The girls were wonderful and were with their Grandparents so I had a lovely time chatting to them whilst the girls became best friends.

Ruby & Tilly with Ally & Abby
Ruby & Abby

It wasn't long before Mr C caught back up with us, having been on all the big rides and had thoroughly enjoyed himself, and all of us stayed together to have a bit more fun before the day ended.

On our way to more rides, we saw the eagle enclosure and it wasn't long before we came across the Firechaser Express - a new rollar coaster recently added - straightaway Tilly and Abby (the younger one) wanted to go on it, so luckily for Nancy & I, the men took the girls on and we waited.

Then to finish off the day, I offered to take the girls on a water ride (silly me) called River Battle, where we had to shoot water at people not on the ride and they shot back at us, lets just say I got soaked for the 2nd time that day, even though I was using Tilly for cover. It was fun

As it was now getting late and dark, we dried off and it was time to say goodbye to Ally & Abby, having enjoyed their company for the best part of afternoon and evening, it was a sad farewell.

We hadn't planned on staying for the fireworks, but having fun all day long, time had crept away from us, so we stayed for the fireworks and found one more ride on our way out the girls enjoyed and we headed home, damp and tired.

We didn't even see Grannie & Grandad that night to see how their day had been. It was cup of tea time and bed.

Horse riding in the Smoky Mountains coming up next.

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