Monday, 3 February 2014

Kids Clothes Week - A Week in Review

Day 1
Picture this it's -2f outside, the wind chill makes it feel more like -24f, school and pre school are closed, hubby is home, we're tucked up inside staying warm and to me it's the perfect sewing day so I manage a little more than a couple of hours hiding away in my sewing room I'm so pleased.

I got quite a bit achieved on both skirts and finished off after I made 8 buttonholes - 4 on each skirt.

Day 2 
I have to admit nothing was accomplished today, instead, as the kids were still off school due to the very cold temperatures, we camped out at a friends house all day and had lots of kiddie fun and adult conversions.

Day 3
I decided to get cracking and make up for no sewing yesterday, Tilly is at lunch bunch on a Wednesday so I get an extra 2 hours of play time, so after a few household jobs, and Radio 2 on the Sonos (listening to Simon Mayo Drive time after all it is 5pm in the UK when Simon is on) off I go, before I know it I've got one skirt very nearly finished (minus the buttons) hooray, but I did lose track of time and had too quickly text a friend to pick up Tilly from Pre-school -oooppps

Day 4 
I managed to get another hour in and I am well on my way to finishing the second skirt.

Day 5
So sad I did try but I didn't quite make it into my sewing room today

Day 6
What a day I managed to get several hours of playtime in my sewing room, the snow outside was steadily falling so I took that as my cue to go and hibernate in my there and finish off both skirts completely.

I made 8 buttons to go on the skirts, out of the fabrics I used for the skirts as I just couldn't find any I was really happy with, these though I love, but not the sewing on part boo to that.

Once the buttons were on and the skirts ironed I was very very pleased with the results, as two were the girls.

I love the style of the skirt and the added kick pleat at the back - perfect.
The pattern was super easy to follow and once I mastered the first skirt, the second, I whipped up much quicker.

Oh and an adult size in the this pattern would go down a treat as I want one too.

Tilly's skirt is the red/blue one and Ruby's is the other one - both fabrics are Prints Charming - my favorite Australian Fabric Designers.

Ps no Day 7 = after all it was the Superbowl final 

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  1. Great skirts! The fabric is gorgeous and I love the buttons. I own this pattern but haven't made it yet; after seeing these, it's moved up the list a bit...


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