Sunday, 26 January 2014

Preparing for Kids Clothes Week (KCW)

I'm excited to be participating in Kids Clothes Week again - I missed KCW Summer as we were off on our raod trip and I had family staying for KCW Fall, so I am super excited for next week to spend time in my sewing room creating.

This time I thought I would get myself prepared this week, on what I want to sew so I can hit the ground running. I knew I wanted to make a couple of skirts for the girls and I have the idea of using tweed, so after an intensive internet search on girls skirts I finally settled for this Oliver + S pattern and I am excited.

And if you buy any patterns from Oliver + S during January use this coupon code JAN2014 for an extra 25% off and don't forget to like them on facebook too their patterns are great.

I have a feeling if I stick to my 1 hour a day of sewing I may only get 2 skirts made, but if I do manage to get these made and have time on my hands, I may have a go at the top in a nice jersey material.

As I said I was keen on making the skirts in Tweed until I discovered Harris Tweed is rather expensive and is shipped from the UK so instead I've chosen some lovely wool blend fabric for the skirts, I went with a tweed like fabric from - I love this online shop, lots to chose from and inexpensive too.

And whilst I wait for my fabric to arrive, I have already got myself started and prepared for next weeks sewing. I have cut out my pattern pieces and for the 1st skirt (Ruby's) I'm using some Prints Charming fabric which I love.

The second skirt (Tilly's) we are also using some gorgeous Prints Charming fabric and I have already cut out the pattern pieces ready to sew sew sew.

And with this gorgeous British style fabric I am hoping to get a few bibs, burps cloths and baby things whipped up 

With the temperatures being a rather cold -18c next week I'll be happy to spend all week in my sewing room hibernating.


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