Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Hand Made Christmas 2013

I love sewing, baking and knitting, and I find Christmas time is a great time to share this love.
This year.....

.....I made a Christmas Pudding
- Using a Jamie Oliver recipe (sorry Viv, Mum brought me over his Christmas Magazine and I couldn't resist)

A Christmas Cake
- again a Jamie Oliver recipe 

Some Christmas Presents
- A knitted hat with a lovely crochet flower (I can't take credit for the flower, Grannie did this for me) and cord skirt made for our little friend Elodie.
- One cute Royal Tie Onesie made for little Ezra

Our Christmas Stockings
- made for the family

 And the Christmas Table Cloth and Napkins
- which we'll also use through the year. Ikea is great for fabric I picked this lovely fabric up at Ikea for $7.99 a yard and used 3 yards to make the tablecloth and 4 napkins.

And that is my handmade Christmas.

This year I am determined to make more for gifts as I feel there is nothing quite so special as a hand made gift and now I have my Silhouette Machine I can create more.

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