Monday, 24 February 2014

Sewing & Knitting for Our Preschool Benefit

We had our Preschool Benefit on Saturday night, it was such a great night and I donated some handmade bibs, burps cloths and hand knitted cardigans for the silent auction.

It all started when a lovely friend of mine Anna, suggested I should donate something to the Auction, the seed was sown and I thought it was a great idea. But what could I make and donate,  after some thought and not having that long to make the items I settled on making a set of bibs and burp cloths one for a boy and one set for a girl and then a hand knitted baby cardigan each too.

I've got to say I powered ahead with the burp cloths and the bibs, and really enjoyed making these.

The hand knitted cardigans took me a lot longer than planned, the first cardigan I made was the Debbie Bliss Ribbon Edged Cardigan (without the ribbon) in a beautiful dusky purple color so pretty for a girl and I found some lovely rose buttons to match too. Here's my Ravelry link

I had more trouble deciding what to do for a boy, suddenly the weekend before the Benefit was upon me and I knew I had to get started, so all last week I slogged it out, I ignored the housework, the kids, everything, I spent hours sat knitting - but did managed to watch the whole season 2 of House Of Cards whilst I knitted bonus - such a great series I loved it

I knitted the Debbie Bliss Argyle Cardigan (without the Argyle bit) - here's my link to my cardigan on on Ravelry

And talk about cutting it fine, on the day of the Benefit, the cardigan was dry from blocking overnight, but I still had the buttons to sew on, but I did it and by lunchtime everything was made, ironed and ready to go, phew I did it.

And the great news is they got sold that night at the Benefit, I was so pleased as the money goes towards our fantastic Preschool and I was glad I was able to contribute to a fabulous night too.

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