Sunday, 16 February 2014

Pinterest Challenge

I love Pinterest, do you? I have so many boards and pins I thought it was about time to give myself a weekly challenge and make/bake/sew/knit/complete/do at least one pin a week starting last week, so on Wednesday, with both kids at school, I picked this pin to start off my weekly challenge

I'm making some burp cloths, I usually make this style when I make burp cloths but I love the simplicity of this style and decided to give this one a go, I also wanted a quick and easy project too.

I had the perfect fabric in my stash, backing sorted, I went with a fleece backing as my local fabric shop did not have chenille.....and before I knew it I had these little beauties made.

I cut out all the rectangles and fleece backings in one go, then proceeded to sew them and topstitch them, it took me about 2 hours all together to make 9 burp cloths.

It was a very productive afternoon.

These burp cloths will be going in a little baby package for a silent auction at Tilly's pre-school on Saturday complete with matching bibs and some will be making their way into my Etsy shop.

And now to start thinking about this weeks challenge....

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