Thursday, 4 October 2012

I Made A Snack Bag

So the month of September was National Sewing Month and up until September 29th I hadn't sewn a thing, so I thought I'd better rectify that, so with a few hours spare last Saturday afternoon, I decided I would make my mum a cover for her Kenwood Mixer, as she had asked me and I had promised. So several internet searches later I found the one I wanted to make only to discover my fabric was an inch and a half too short, ok that idea quickly got abandoned and I decided to make a reusable snack bag for Tilly as she starts Lunch Bunch club at her pre-school on Wednesday.

I had seen this gorgeous tutorial on Pinterest and knew straightaway it was the one I wanted to do, so I went through my scrap box and decided on some girlie fabric and rip stop nylon for the lining (I choose rip stop nylon for the lining as it wipes clean easier in between washes and is food safe)

Here's my version of the tutorial

2 pieces of fabric 7"x11"

I started off with two pieces of fabric measuring 7' x 11' (rather than the 7"x12" as in the tutorial only because my scrap piece measured this) and one piece of 6" piece of velcro

Sew velcro to lining

Once your fabrics are cut out to the size you want the next step is to pin the velcro onto the inside of your lining piece approximately 1/2" from the edges - I used rip stop nylon and it was a bit tricky, then sew the velcro on staying close to the edge around all four sides.

pin sides together

Fold each piece of fabric in half, pin the edges together and leave a 2&1/2" gap on one side of the lining piece (this is for turning later).
Sew together using a 1/4"seam along the short/side edges of both pieces.

Turn lining piece right side out and place inside main fabric piece

Once sides are sew together, turn the lining piece inside out, so the velcro is now on the outside and place the lining inside the main/outer fabric bag.

line up raw edges and pin

Line up the raw edges of both bags and pin into place, then sew a 1/4" seam all around the top of the bag.

Pull lining out from the main/outside piece and turn bag right side out

Pull the lining out from the main/outer piece of the bag and turn right side out by pulling the main fabric through the gap you had left earlier.

Bag right side out, gap to be sewn closed

With the bag now right side out, carefully close the gap in the lining by sewing the opening closed, close to the edge of the bag.

Place the lining inside the main/outer fabric.

To finish topstitch around the top of the bag close to the edge

Finally topstitch around the top of the bag, staying close to the edge to finish it off (this step isn't included in the original tutorial)

One snack bag ready to use

And you have one delightful, reusable snack bag to place in your child's lunch box/bag.

I will be making so many more of these in different sizes, as I think it is a great tutorial from the blog I Have To Say - in fact check out her blog it's great.

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