Saturday, 3 November 2012

Our Haunted Halloween

Halloween was so much fun and a day long activity it was fantastic, I enjoyed it, the kids enjoyed it, and Mr C enjoyed it.

It all started the night before with making our Jack O Lanterns - once the insides of the pumpkins was scooped out, the girls drew faces on the outside and then we helped them carve the faces out - I love the eyes on Tilly's pumpkin.

Ruby cutting out her pumpkin face
Out comes the mouth
Out pops Tilly's carved mouth

The day of Halloween started with Ruby attending school in her (homemade) bat costume - well I only made the hat and bat wings - I followed this amazing bat wing tutorial however I used felt and I made the wings longer, then a pair of black leggings, black boots and a black long sleeved top completed the outfit. Ruby loved it and I have to say I rather pleased too.

My Little Halloween Bat

There were so many great Halloween costumes at Ruby's school, the whole school including the teachers and Headmaster all wore costumes and Ruby's class even got to have a Halloween Party too, which I helped organise, we did Halloween cookie decorating, toss the bean bag into the pumpkins, mummy wrapping - I've never seen kids having so much fun with toilet paper before. We also had a craft, make your own spooky fruit kebabs a couple of games - pin the tail on the black cat and a pumpkin memory games - the kids had so much fun.

Cookie decorating and Fruit Kebab making
Ruby and her nicely decorated cookie
Group Halloween photo

As if a class party wasn't enough, the whole school did a Halloween Parade around the school grounds, this was fun watching them all parade in their Halloween costumes.

School Halloween Parade

Then the fun started, after school we met up with some classroom friends and hit the houses Trick or Treating,  I've never seen a bunch of kids move so quickly from one house to another, grabbing their goodies and moving on, with the parents left behind shouting "don't forget to say thankyou"

The Trick & Treat Gang just starting out

Nearly every house had some Halloween treat to give the kids, and boy they sure did get descended upon,  so many kids out all in costume and adults too, houses & gardens were decorated too.

A Haunted Graveyard yikes 
Another successful treat haul

The best house on the block, was so over-decorated with everything Halloween, Halloween inflatables, cobwebs, spiders, witches, pumpkins, spooky fog, lights, they had everything and were the best - we can't wait to see what their Christmas display will be like

Entering the Best Decorated House
More Spooky Fun
The back of the Haunted house
Arghhh more spooky things

Soon though it was time to finish trick & treating much to the disappointed of the kids, but their pumpkins were full, in particular Tillys pumpkin was super full, she had managed to collect a 1/3 more than anyone else and could hardly carry her own stash - how she did it we do not know as they all went to the same houses - maybe it was the Unicorn outfit.

Tilly had so much fun

We ended the night with pizza at Luca's house (Ruby's best friend at school) which was unplanned and fun, then it was time for home and a once the girls were in bed I did a quick count of the candy collected - Tilly 86 pieces, Ruby 57 pieces - they have enough chocolate and sweets now to last them until next Halloween, well that's if Mummy and Daddy don't help out eating them ooooo pass me another Twix......

Our spooky Jack O Lanterns

All in all we had a fantastic Halloween - which really started last weekend for us as we had our first Halloween party on Sunday and we haven't stopped since.

Hope yours was a spooky Halloween too.

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