Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Relaxing in Mexico

Our Slice of Heaven -Cabo San Lucas

Mr C surprised me a month ago with the news he had booked us a few kid free days away in Mexico, a country he has always wanted to visit and whilst he waited with genuine excitement for my excited reaction, it didn't come I'm afraid to say and why, well because of three things, I hate surprises, I hate flying (despite my many travels around the world) and I hate being away from my kids. I did not take the news well.

Fast forward to Tuesday night, the night before the flight, I'm a mess, a complete and utter mess, yes I will admit to it I was a bawling mess, no amount of reasoning could pull me up from the depths of my despair at leaving my children, but by Wednesday morning the day of the flight, I was packed and ready to go to visit my 7th Country in 12 months and a little bit excited I will admit.

And of course, the girls hardly batted an eyelid at my tearful departure they were too busy watching Spongebob and looking forward to what Grannie & Grandad had planned for them.

Mexico here we come, after a 4 hour flight we arrived in the beautiful Cabo San Lucas, only in Mexico could there be a bar literally attached to the arrivals gate, so with a refreshing Corona in hand we eagerly awaited our transport to our hotel, well in Mexico do what the Mexicans do I say

The Bar just outside the arrivals gate

Our hotel was gorgeous, we stayed at the Villa Del Arco hotel, our suite was divine, the pool area was fantastic, there was a great kids pool too, my first thought was we should have brought the kids, my second thought was next time we'll bring the kids see I can do this going away without the kids business. Not only were the pools great, but there was 3 restaurants - one was a pirate ship in one of the pools, the hotel was on the beachfront too, so you could lounge down on the beach, there was a spa too, it was a great hotel.

The afternoon of our arrival we spent leisurely by the pool, had an earlier dinner at a great restaurant called Haciendas - except for me,  tiredness had overcome my appetite and poor Mr C had to try and eat 2 starters and a main course by himself.

Pool view at night

The next day started with a lovely leisurely breakfast with a gorgeous view of the sea. After breakfast, we hit the sun loungers for some rest and relaxation, mine in the shade and Mr C in the hot hot sun, as the weather was perfect. I've decided I'm a shade worshipper, I will seek out shade wherever I go. In between the dips in the pool, reading our books, people watching, a few drinks, lunch by the pool and sun/shade bathing we had a great relaxing afternoon, with a massage booked for the next day we were pretty chilled.

Dinner that night we chose the one of the hotel restaurants El Faro, a fish and sushi bar - and it was divine,  the sushi was so good, I thought the prawns/shrimps had practically jumped out of the sea and landed on our plates.

The next day was much the same as the last day, except we had the couples massage - 80 mins of pure joy - we both went for their signature massage which was a combination of relaxing, deep tissue, hot stones and reflexology massage - it was wonderful - mental note must book more massages they do wonders for the soul.

After the massages we decided to walk along the beach into the town,  we bought a few souvenirs off the beach guys for the girls, had a look around the Marina and then went for an early dinner.  We found a lovely place called Sharky's an authentic Mexican restaurant, cheap good food what could be better.

This lady was clearly not impressed by Mr C

Our last day - well the only downside to your last day anywhere is, I find, you are really just waiting around until it is time to for your flight. I happened to wake up at 5.15am and reading Mr Grey didn't put me back to sleep so I got up and decided to watch the sunrise, it has been a long time since I last watched a sunrise, and I'm glad I did, although I knew I was missing my last possible sleep in now for awhile it was worth it.

After another lovely long lazy breakfast, we packed and checked out, then hit the sun loungers for our last few hours of relaxing in the sun and pool, happy days, as it wasn't long before we were in the hospitality suite showering and changing for our journey home.

However the lovely upside of the airport was the lovely outside bar, so after checking in, we enjoyed a couple more Coronas before boarding our flight home.

And as I hate flying, I did to pass the time take my knitting with me, brilliant idea I thought as I managed to start and finish this lovely cowl from knitandbake.com I started it on the flight down and finished it on the flight back. I was very pleased.

As too was Tilly when she saw it the next day and decided to wear it - which then gave me the great idea to knit a few more for the girls as it is truly getting cold here.

Here's my little monkey being silly in my cowl.

Despite hating surprises, flying and being away from the girls, I can honestly say I had a wonderful relaxing, and carefree break, it did wonders for my soul, and we both had a fantastic time, however Mr C has promised never to surprise me quite like that again.

And of course we couldn't have done it without the fabulous Grannie & Grandad (Mr C's Mum & Dad) who had kindly offered to look after the girls for us, big big huge thanks to them both as they truly got the rough end of this deal, although the girls did have plenty of fun with them and didn't miss us.

And it goes without saying that it was truly great to see the girls again and smother them in huggles and kisses.

I would highly recommend Cabo San Lucas as a holiday destination for all, it was pure heaven and, if you can manage to pry yourself away from the sun loungers, there is plenty to do as well - Cruises, sightseeing, dolphins, whales, snorkeling, diving, horseback riding, camel rides, the list goes on.

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