Monday, 5 August 2013

Wild West Road Trip - Day 9

Grand Tetons National Park, WY - 21st July

After a very nice long lazy breakfast, swim in the outdoor pool, and pampering ourselves with the Molton Brown miniatures (of which several accidentally found their way into my wash bag) we set off for our day in the Grand Tetons National Park.

Not long after leaving Jackson Hole, you are suddenly hit by the most fantastic view of the Grand Tetons, which stays with you for your journey to the National Park and almost all the way to Yellowstone Park.

The Magnificent Grand Tetons

We headed for Moose - yes there was a town called Moose, we visited the Visitors Center to get a map and see what there was to do. On their newspaper I saw a section on how to become a Junior Ranger of the Grand National Teton Park, and straightaway I thought Ruby would love to do this.

So we got the newspaper The Grand Adventure, which told us what Ruby needed to do and being age 7 and under, she had to complete two programs, one which must be a ranger program and the other was go on one hike or watch a park video.

And she had to complete pages 3 & 4 & the bingo in the newspaper.

As we were already at the Visitors Centre we choose to watch the park video, and as that finished a ranger was just beginning his talk on Bears and how to protect yourself if you ever come across one. It was very interesting.

The three things I learnt was whilst walking in bear country 1) is to make noise loud noise, bears are less likely to approach, 2) if a bear does approach you or charge at you stand still (What the!!!!! Stand still if a 400lb bear is charging at me, all I would want to do is run) but as a bear can out run you they advise to stand still. 3) Carry bear spray yes there is such a thing and if the bear charges deploy your bear spray in one second bursts - there you go

And as Ruby had attended this ranger program she got to complete two of the tasks to help her get the Junior Ranger badge.

We then drove around to Jenny Lake and we went for a walk to see Jenny Lake and have a paddle in it, then we went for a trail walk to find Jenny Lake Overlook, we didn't find it, we probably didn't go far enough, but we did have a lovely walk around the lake, and Ruby and I spent a good time looking for traces of animals that lived near the lake, we found animals tracks and poo, both of which Ruby was excited about, well it was for her Junior Ranger badge.

Tilly was our trail leader

After our walk, we headed further up the Teton Park Road, all the time the Grand Tetons just towered above us, we spotted an Elk in the undergrowth, and followed the road along Jackson Lake, it was beautiful scenery.

As we made our way back to Jackson Hole, Ruby was busy completing some of the fun activities, mainly the Ranger Bingo, for her badge, and we spotted this great road sign, I thought Australia had fab road signs and this one said it all.

We had a lovely drive back and as it had been a very hot, busy day, we got to have another hour in the pool, before going out for dinner, we went to this fabulous place called Rendezvous Bistro - best meal out of the holiday.

Yellowstone Park, Ruby becomes a Junior Ranger and another new state all to come next on our road trip

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