Saturday, 17 August 2013

Wild West Road Trip - Day 11

Day 11 - Bozeman MT, & 320 Ranch - 23rd July

From Big Sky we made our way into Bozeman, to spend the morning, I was pleasently surprised at how nice Bozeman is, full of arty shops, coffee places and natural food shops it was great. What made my morning was the coffee shop we decided to have our morning coffee at sold FLAT WHITES - my favourite coffee, mainly found in Oz but now very popular in England too, London I have to say is the best place to get a really good flat white, outside of Australia.

I was so excited and also a little curious as too why they have flat whites on the menu, was there an Aussie barista, had some one asked for one..... it turns out, as I had to ask, that the owner had recently been to London and had discovered this great coffee beverage there and decided to put it on the menu, fan flipping tastic if you ask me.

For those who don't know a flat white, they are very similar to a latte but nicer, a bit more coffee to milk ratio, I just love them.

After our coffee, we had a good nosey round the shops, bought a Kit Kat clock, we went for the classic black one, had a moose on a stick chocolate and bought our lunch from a great local wholefood style food market.

It wasn't long before we had to be on our way again, as the girls were booked in for a horse ride at the 320 Guest Ranch, it was a lovely ride back, with beautiful scenery.

It didn't take us too long to get to the Ranch, the girls quickly changed into their horse riding clothes and off we went for their ride.

This time the girls where going on their own, but it was only a 30 minute ride and they were being walked around by their guides.

The girls had a fantastic ride, Mr C followed them around, whilst I stayed in the horse shed and chatted with one of the Cowgirls - we had a great chat.

After the horse ride, we had an ice cream, then made our way back to the hotel for another swim, before going out for pizza at this fantastic pizza place called Ousel & Spur, the pizza was fantastic, according to the girls and I had the yummiest meatballs and spaghetti.

And that was it for our Big Sky adventure, next stop and officially on our way home now is Miles City. As we have quite a distance to cover, the next few days are mainly traveling.

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