Friday, 23 August 2013

Wild West Road Trip - Day 14 & 15

Day 14 - Jamestown, ND - Minneapolis MN - 26th July

We faced another long drive, about 320 miles to our last stop before home, to break up the journey we stopped in Fargo for a coffee and a look around. Mr C had recently watched the movie Fargo and discovered it wasn't actually filmed in Fargo.

Fargo is one of those city that is on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota, so half of it is in North Dakota and the other half in Minnesota. It was a lovely place, with lots of character.

We set off again and as the city is in 2 states, it wasn't long before we were in Minnesota, which actually realising we had crossed another state border.

It was a long drive to Minneapolis, especially long for the girls, we had audio books on, i-spy was played sooooooo many times, they were bored, but the promise of a swim at the hotel kept them and us sane along with their whiteboards, which they were busy making into cafe menus.

We arrived early evening at our hotel, a lovely Westin hotel, it was super nice, except for the Rustic Inn, this was probably the next nicest hotel we stayed in, and, as it was a last minute booking we got it super cheap too. As it was our last night on the road, we had one last visit to the pool, a nice long swim and play we all enjoyed.

After our swim and shower we headed downtown and found a fantastic British Pub to eat at, called Brit's Pub, you may take us out of Britain but you can't take the British out of us. This place was packed and it even had a bowling green and a British classic the red telephone box outside.

We had a lovely British meal, fish & chips for Mr C and the girls and Steak & Ale pie for me.

It certainly was a lovely place and a nice way to end our vacation. We decided we would definitely come back to Minneapolis for a weekend visit.

Day 15 - Minneapolis, MN to Home, Chicago IL - 27th July

We headed off without breakfast, but armed with coffee, for the last leg home, we had 6 hours of driving to do approx 400 miles and we wanted to stop for breakfast and later for coffee in Madison, WI (I heard Madison have some great coffee shops). So an hour or so into our journey we stopped at the iconic Denny's for breakfast, just like we had the day we set off - 2 weeks ago.

Then we travelled through Minnesota into Wisconsin and down to Madison, where we found a lovely coffee shop and enjoyed a nice coffee, Madison is another one of those places we wished we'd had time to stop in, but will visit another time as they are less than 2 hours away from us.

So fueled up on coffee and cake we started the last stretch home, we were all ready for home, for our own beds and the girls were looking forward to playing with their Lego, it was the one thing they missed the most about being on the road. I did think about taking some with us, but I just knew it would get lost & end up all over the car and I decided it wasn't worth it. I am so glad I left it at home.

And early evening we were home, with pizza in hand.

All in all we had travelled for 15 days, through 8 states, drove 3,863 miles & had an absolutely fantastic time. 

Roll on next years road trip - California in an RV - here we come (I hope)

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