Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wild West Road Trip - Day 10

Jackson Hole, WY - Big Sky, Montana - 22nd July

Well it was time to leave our lovely resort and head off to another new state for us, Montana, but first we went to have a look around Jackson Hole, which is the most gorgeous town we've stayed at so far, I loved it so much I could live there. They have a great summer tourist season and a fabulous winter season too as a Ski Resort. Perfect.

We wondered around the shops and I picked up a lovely pearl bracelet from Pearls by Shari - they do a great range called the Teton Range. Mine was a simple one pearl (freshwater) on a leather cord. I love it.

The shops were wonderful and filled with lots of animals, no we did not fancy bringing a bear home with us.

We noticed they had a Stagecoach we could ride in, of course anything with horses is a must for the girls, so after our rather lovely coffee from the Cowboy Coffee shop we made our way over for a ride.

It was only a short ride around the town, but it was cheap and the girls loved it and now we could say we had been in a Stagecoach.

 It wasn't long before we had to leave the beautiful Jackson hole to make our way back through Yellowstone Park to Big Sky in Montana, but before we left the Grand Teton National Park, we had one important job to do and that was to see if Ruby was able to become a Junior Ranger.

We stopped off at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitors Center with Ruby's completed Junior Ranger Paper, which a Ranger checked and then she said the Junior Ranger Pledge - "As a Junior Ranger, I promise to appreciate, respect, and protect Grand Teton National Park and the natural world around wherever I go." and with that she passed and become a Junior Ranger. She was ever so pleased with her first Badge, and as most of the National Parks do this scheme, she is excited to be able to collect more.

So from here we drove back to Yellowstone National Park, we really wanted to see the Midway Geyser Basin, where the famous Grand Prismatic Spring is and boy it did not disappoint and was my favourite place in Yellowstone.

It was a truly spectacular sight, and the camera captured it well, but it's one of those places you really do have to see in person, along with Grand Prismatic Spring, there was also the Excelsior Geyser which discharges 4,000 to 4,500 gallons of 199 °F (93 °C) water per minute directly into the Firehole River.

I did get some fabulous photos of it on instagram too, check them out by clicking the instagram badge at the top of the page.

After seeing the wonderful Grand Primastic Spring, we made our way to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Park, after stopping for an ice cream break first.

The Grand Canyon was massive, an impressive name for an impressive canyon.

The photos don't really do it justice, but it was a sight to be seen, complete with waterfalls too, I only wish we had had time to explore it a bit more, but it was late afternoon and we still had over 50 miles to travel to our next stop.

Whilst still in Yellowstone National park, we entered another new state for us Montana our 5 state of the road trip and soon after we left Yellowstone via the West entrance.

We had a lovely drive to Big Sky our stop for the next 2 nights. Big Sky is a big ski resort in the Winter and a good base in the summer for exploring Montana and Yellowstone National Park

To come, I find a Flat White in Bozeman Montana and I couldn't be more excited.

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