Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wild West Road Trip - Day 12 & 13

Day 12 - Big Sky, MT - Miles City MT - 24th July

We left Big Sky MT early as we headed back into Bozeman, wer were very tempted to stop for another coffee, but decided to keep going as we were off to the Museum of the Rockies.

This trip was especially for Tilly as she loves Dinosaurs and we had heard there where lots of dinosaur fossils here to be seen, and boy there were too. The Museum of the rockies is home to one of the largest and most famous collection of dinosaur fossils in the world. Dinosaur fossils in their collection have all been found in Montana rocks from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

The dinosaur fossil exhibition was fascinating, so many fossils have been found in Montana, more have been found in this state than any other state in North America.

It was a great museum, very interesting, a play area for the kiddies, which always goes down well, plenty to see and learn about and not just dinosaurs, they had some really good exhibitions, aside from the dinosaurs, there was a planetarium and we got to see the show - Experience the Aurora - all about the Northern Lights it was fantastic and very interesting.

We could have spent longer there, but as we had lots of miles to cover to get to Miles City we hit the road as we were about 4 hours away.

Miles City was a sweet little place, a lady at our hotel recommended a restaurant for dinner called the Boardwalk, it didn't look like anything special but we gave it a go and I have to say apart from the meal in Jackson Hole, this was the next best meal we had had out,  we ordered the steak, which was perfectly cooked, we found out the owner cuts all his own steaks, we had both had a salad starter, the girls had hot dogs which were free with adult entrees and we all had free ice cream desserts, on top of that Mr C had the most delicious milkshake and I ordered a hot tea - all this came to an impressive $29.50, so we left our rather delightful waitress a big tip, as we've had steak dinners that have cost 3 times this meal and not been as good.

After our dinner we made it back to the hotel, just in time to see a storm erupt in the distance, it was a spectacular lightening show.

Day 13 Miles City, MT to Jamestown ND - 25th July

Again we were up and on the road early - today we had about 5 hours to drive to our next stop Jamestown in another new state for us North Dakota this time.  it wasn't long before we were crossing into the new state and another state closer to home.

On our way to Jamestown we stopped for lunch in Bismarck, the capital of the state, at this lovely bar called Peacock Ally, much to Ruby's delight as she loves peacocks. We didn't really have time to explore the town much, but Mr C did pick up a car license plate - he is collecting them from all the states we have been too.

We arrived early evening in Jamestown, and headed straight for their main attraction - The World's Largest Buffalo in Frontier Village.

This buffalo is a cement sculpture that stands 26ft tall and 46 ft long and weighs 60 ton. It was huge.

Also where the buffalo stands is Frontier village - it's a collection of a small number of historical buildings to re-create the look of a small, Midwestern town in the 1800s. It was lovely going round the old building, looking inside and getting a feel for life in the 1800's.

After visiting this lovely little place, we headed back to the hotel for yet another swim and a quick and easy dinner from McDonalds.

Next Stop Minneapolis, then home. 


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