Friday, 27 July 2012

Road Trip - Day 6 Toronto

Our second and last day in Toronto and the weather wasn't too great, our first bit of rain since we've been on the road, it was quite refreshing though and nice it was a little cooler, however a little rain doesn't stop us, so we took a streetcar as the Canadians call them (to us they are trams) to China Town for a little look around, then we hopped back onto the sightseeing bus - our destination was Steam Whistle Brewery - we didn't do the tour but we did sample the lovely pilsner they make and bought some, next to the brewery was a train museum, although we didn't go in we did get to ride on the little train around the complex - it was fun.

After the brewery stop we were going to do the cruise, but the weather wasn't looking too good and time was getting on so we hopped back on the bus and got off at the St Lawrence Food Market - which was great I had a peasmeal bacon sandwich for lunch - a Toronto tradition apparently and it was delicious, the market was a great place and had everything from cheese, wine, meats and fish etc it's well worth the look around.

After lunch at the market it was time to head back to the hotel, where we picked up the car and set off for our next destination the famous Niagara Falls

Toronto is known to be the third most congested region in North America and we sure experienced the congestion, but other than 2 impatient girls in the back (and we haven't succumbed to the portable DVD players either)who wanted to get to the hotel to go swimming we had a really easy ride to Niagara Falls with certain areas of the QEW being more congested than others, but once outside of Hamilton it was plain sailing.

We arrived into Niagara Falls about 6pm, where we got upgraded at our hotel, as the front desk lady thought we were from Australia (well we are) and had travelled a long way to get here, we didn't have the heart to tell here we were actually now living in Chicago after all we might not have got the room upgrade, and the room is great too.

Once settled into the hotel, we headed out for dinner and a look around, no swimming for the girls though, but a lovely meal out instead and an early night as we wanted an early start to explore Niagara Falls.

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