Saturday, 28 July 2012

Road Trip - Day 7 Niagara Falls

We've all heard about Niagara Falls, seen the photos and images on TV, I certainly have but I never thought I'd ever see them up close and personal, although Canada has been a country I've always wanted to go too and Niagara Falls a place I've always wanted to visit, this is probably true for a lot of people, but for whatever reasons we don't always get there, so I feel so lucky that I have and I have really enjoyed it and that my girls have too.

Niagara Falls

Our day at Niagara Falls was brilliant, we started by heading straight off to see the falls - which were amazing, although Mr C & I both commented we thought they were smaller than we had imagined, that was until we took the world famous Maid of the Mist boat tour and got up close to these magnificent falls, and magnificent they are - it was truly an awesome sight - the falls are huge, noisy and wet.

The American Falls - On The American Side New York State
Horseshoe Falls - On the Canadian Side

There are three falls, collectively named the Niagara Falls - from largest to smallest the waterfalls are Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, the Horseshoe Falls are on the Canadian side of the border and the side we are on, the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls (which fall between the other 2) are on the American side.

The World Famous Maid of The Mist Boat Tour
Horseshoe Falls directly behind us

After our boat trip, we had an early lunch overlooking the falls, then we took a walk along the cliff top savouring the view all along the way and ended up at Niagara Falls Fury - the top of the Canadian Falls, the spray coming off the falls was amazing you were soaked in seconds,

View of Niagara Falls from the Sky Wheel

Then we had a long walk back into the main strip of Niagara Falls - called Clifton Hill this part of town is very commercial, crowded, neon-lit that brings a certain tackiness to it but in a fun and exciting way it's packed with wax museums, arcades, and souvenir shops, this area provides ways to spend money at every turn and luckily our girls are too young to be demanding they go in every haunted house or wax museum on the strip, so instead we went on the Niagara Sky Wheel this was really good and provided a great view of the falls and the other treat as the girls really really wanted to go in the "Space thing" was we did Galaxy Golf - a cool indoor mini golf game in the dark it was all fluorescent inside and lots of fun, the girls couldn't get over how they were so fluorescent too - great fun.

Playing Galaxy Golf

Then it was back to the hotel for a swim, although Tilly feel asleep, Ruby got to have a good swim and play in the pool. We also managed to watch quite a bit of the brilliant Olympics opening ceremony - I was very proud to be British, sat in my Canadian hotel room, with my Australian children.

Dinner was at the Rainforest Cafe - a place we nearly went to at Euro Disney but didn't, so the girls were very excited to be going there and it was great inside perfect for two animal loving girls, Ruby said it was the best restaurant ever..... and fine it was, but I have to say the food was average and expensive, but the experience with the kids was worth it.

Our dinner ended perfectly in time for us to make our way back to the Niagara Falls viewing areas to be treated to a free fireworks show - all I could hear from Ruby & Tilly was wow, wow, wow, wow they loved it and to cap it all off the falls where illuminated too. A brilliant end to a brilliant day.

Niagara Falls you have been an awesome adventure, not sure if we'll ever get back to see you, but thank you for having us. 

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