Sunday, 22 July 2012

Road Trip.......Day 1 & 2

We're already on day 2 of our Great American Road Trip

Yesterday saw us travel very briefly through Indiana, into Michigan - a brief brunch stop at Denny's then it was onto St Joseph, our stop for the night, it's a gorgeous beach town along Lake Michigan

First we ended up coming across a lovely beach, a good walk away from the car so we had no swimmers or towels on us but that didn't stop the girls, they stripped off to their undies and paddled away in the lake whilst I reminisced about the good old days doing the same myself and the joys of being a kid and I'm so glad my girls get to do this too, so after a paddle & swim, it was back to the car to dry off.

Then it was ice cream time, so we headed into the town for ice cream and a look around. The main strip had a great sea/pirate theme going on

Then we found a brilliant beach area called Silver Beach, it had a great indoor carousel, which the girls went on 3 times, plus they had coloring in, hula hoops and chalking activities - we had fun with the chalk I drew around the girls and they did the rest

There was also a fab beach playground, where we spent a good hour playing, a water park and a great pizza restaurant where we had dinner, it was an old station depot, an Amtrak train even stopped at the station - it was a very busy day.

Day 2 has seen us hit the road for Detroit - a bit longer driving today but we did manage a stop off in Kalamazoo at a lovely cafe for tea & cupcakes

Next stop Detroit, the birthplace of Henry Ford and Global HQ of Ford, but as we arrived late afternoon, we didn't get chance to visit any of the many Ford museums around and tomorrow we are off to the Greenfield Village - a museum where we are transported back in time - the girls are going to love, then it will be time to head over the border and into Canada for our Canadian adventure.

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