Thursday, 19 July 2012

Crafty Days

My girls love craft, they are crafty girlies, painting, drawing, colouring in, glueing, they'd be sewing and knitting if they had half the chance, in fact Grannie has patiently taught Ruby & Tilly how to bobbin knit and they both loved it.

I recently did a cross stitch for my mum and when I say for my mum, it was a little project she was supposed to do herself, but somehow feigning bad eye sight, she passed it onto to me too do and as I love a cross stitch I didn't hesitate to do it, after all it is for my gorgeous nephew Alistair and I was helping my mum out. (yes I have finished it Mum and will post it today I promise) Ruby was enthralled watching me, asking questions all the time, I knew what was coming, she decided she wanted to do one, so next time we were in Jo-Ann's Ruby picked this little kit and took too it straight away - not quite cross stitch but it's a good start for a 5 year old and she is enjoying it.

Our lovely friend Lesley recently saw this tutorial on Pinterest and instantly tagged me in the pin as she knew my girls would love it -

I immediately I knew it was going to be a winner, so another trip to JoAnn's with a 50% off coupon in tow, we purchased the butterfly cutter (and other crafty things but don't tell the hubby) We didn't bother with the acrylic paints this time we just used what we had on hand and I knew we had 2 canvas frames somewhere....

The girls got on with painting their paper whilst I went on a hunt for the frames, once found and whilst the painted paper was drying we got painting the canvas frames, as you can see Ruby is a bit more particular than Tilly.

Now the fun bit - I basically let them loose with the butterfly cutter choosing their own colour patterns, and boy did they enjoy this bit, Tilly needed a bit of help punching out the butterflies, then they got gluing the butterflies onto their painted canvas.

Drum roll please - here are the finished crafty butterfly canvas - we love them

This craft was a great project for the girls- they painted the paper & canvas late afternoon, then it was allowed to dry overnight, after breakfast the next day we got cutting and gluing - Ruby needed no help with the project & Tilly only needed help with the cutter not bad for a 5 & 3 year old.

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