Friday, 20 July 2012

Crafty Mummy Days

What a sewing week I've had, I've been sewing like mad and getting ready for a 2 week road trip phew....

So of course knowing what a busy week I had ahead, I took it upon myself to whip up 4 skirts for the girls (2 each) - I let them pick their own fabric after all they have to wear them. Ruby was so cute as she picked the fabric for her skirts, from the fabric, I had used ages ago to make 2 versatile wrap skirts by Make it Perfect one of my favourite pattern designers. Tilly on the other hand picked two lovely floral fabric. I also made myself another versatile wrap skirt it's my favourite go to skirt pattern from Make It Perfect

The skirts I did for the girls were very simple and each only took about 40 mins to make - I love the gathered skirt tutorial from the book Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy but it can take awhile to do - so I basically just simplified it and didn't use as much fabric so the skirts have a less gathered look.

In addition to the 5 skirts I whipped up this week, the butterfly craft, and getting ready for the big road trip, I also made the girls a fabric pencil roll each, as it was a surprise for them I hand picked the fabric for the girls, the fabric came from Retromummy when she was at one of the Mathildas Market, she always has the most wonderful selection of fabrics and at good prices, plus she is so lovely that's always a bonus, to make the rolls I followed this great tutorial from The Pleated Poppy

The only thing I changed, as I knew I was going to put marker pens in the roll, instead of crayons, was I cut my fabric to the appropriate sizes to accommodate for the markers and this is how they turned out, plus the girls were treated to new marker pens to put in the roll - this is going to great for our travels and each girl has ownership of their own roll & pens - brilliant

And I have to say the girls loved them. All in all it was a very busy crafty week

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