Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wild West Road Trip - Day 7

Day 7 - Cody, Wyoming - 19th July 

For the first time on our road trip we had a chilled out morning, Mr C was not feeling well, so after breakfast the girls and I spent the morning in the outdoor pool, we had about 2 hours of fun playing in the pool, all to ourselves. We practiced our swimming, played sharks, which involved me being the shark, played dolphin - where the girls climb onto my back, held onto my costume straps and I take them under water like a dolphin, they love it. We had so much fun and at last 4 years of swimming lessons paid off as I was able to chill out on the lounger for a bit whilst the girls played in the pool under my supervision.

Ruby checking out the horses for her horse ride the next day

As we had had the morning in the pool, we headed into Cody for lunch, then onto the Buffalo Bill Historical Centre, but prior to the museum as we were parking, we noticed some horses ready for rides and we went to inquire and found out, that they were happy to take the girls out on a one hour trail ride on full sized horses, oh my, the girls were super excited, so we booked it for the following morning and headed off to the museum, the museum was fascinating learning all about Buffalo Bill, it wasn't great for the girls but they managed, and the museum is well worth a visit.

For our evening we planned to go to a dinner, show and rodeo, so after the museum we had time to change at the hotel before heading to The Cody Cattle Company for our chuckwagon dinner and show, the dinner was an all you can eat dinner, consisting of chicken, beef brisket, potatoes, baked beans, apple sauce, corn bread, Caesar salad, coleslaw, brownies, lemonade, coffee and water.

Enjoying a chuckwagon dinner

Once we had had dinner it was time for the foot stomping, hand slappin live Western show to start, and what a great show it was, these musicians are the most talented musicians I have ever seen on stage, it was amazing, the music was fabulous and the banter very funny. 

Ryan Martin heads up the band along with the most talented Wilson Family . Not only are Andrew and Deanna very talented musicians, Andrew is a 2nd time Washington State Champion fiddler player, Deanna not only sings, but plays the guitar, mandolin, upright bass and piano, and their 14 year old son is part of the band too playing the upright bass, he has also won the title of Junior Picking Champion in Hood River, OR 2011 for his mandolin playing. Not only that but their other 3 kids are also into music, playing many instruments. An amazing family.

The show finished, as promised, in plenty of time for us to walk over to the Rodeo, for a night of cowboy fun. The Rodeo was great fun, they provided a great show of bull riding, lassoing cattle, cowgirls competing and kids as young as 6 competing in a special kids race - it was great family fun.

Rodeo fun
Tilly in the Rodeo Arena
Bull Riding Rodeo

They even got all the kids out into the rodeo area for a game of catch the calf to win a prize, the kids 5 & under got a head start, and all they had to do was grab the ribbon attached to the calf to see what they had won, although both Ruby and Tilly got to run around the rodeo arena neither caught the calves, it was hilarious watching the kids though.

We had a fantastic night out for our last night in Cody as after the horse riding the next day we would be on our way to Jackson Hole, via Yellowstone Park for our next adventure.

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