Friday, 12 July 2013

Our Wild West Road Trip

I'm glad the girls had camp this week, even if it was only for 3 hours a day, it did give me chance to pack, sort and make things for our Wild West Road Trip.

We leave tomorrow and we're heading West, and we'll be visiting 6 states, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota. we'll be visiting The Badlands National Park, a Dinosaur Park (just for Tilly) Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone Park and so much more. I'm really looking forward to Yellowstone. We'll even be stopping at the "field" where the film The Field of Dreams was made just for hubby.

The packing side of things was relatively easy, as much as I love my kids picking out their own outfits every day, this road trip I have done this, they still get to pick out their own outfits they'll just be a little more organized, which is always a plus on a road trip.

I've also made 2 of these and I nearly used the exact same fabric combination but in the blue/grey I have stashed away, it's part of the Bella range by Lotta Jansdotter, but as I couldn't be bothered to find my interfacing, I went with a heavier weight cotton - this one is from the Outside Oslo range I picked up at the Needle Shop here in Chicago - I just love their range of contemporary fabric they even stock Prints Charming fabrics too bonus....

And in preparation for our road trip, I treated myself to some new Summer clothes, but my favorite buy of the Summer are my Merrells, I was after a pair of walking type sandals that didn't look Grannie-ish but looked nice enough to wear out to dinner, and were comfortable, yes I'm
getting old, and I found the perfect pair The Agave - perfectly designed for a women's foot and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.

As we won't be relying on iPads or DVD players to keep the girls entertained,I've been looking at ideas to keep the girls entertained & busy in the car. So we've been to the library and got some books out, including some audio books, they have their markers & coloring pencils, journals to draw/write about our trip, plenty of white paper, a car i-spy/hunt, and our lovely friend Anna has lent us some other great books/games to play with in the car, there will also be plenty of games of I-Spy too, so I can say (fingers crossed) they have plenty to keep them entertained. 

The girls and I also went to the dollar shop and picked up this little pile of goodies all for $10 - now I really think we'll have enough to keep them entertained.

The girls have packed their own little suitcases of the items/toys they'd like to bring - a few things they can play with in the hotel, Rummikub is definitely coming too - it's a great game the girls love and we love playing it with them too.

With the girls being only 6 & 4 we don't do long stretches of driving in any one go - we found last year 2-3 hour skints max, but this year we'll push it out a bit more where we need too, if the kids start to get a little car crazy, a little park or ice cream stop usually works.

All the necessary supplies are packed away into their travel cases for the trip - I picked these up at Michaels, they are great for storing all the girls stuff, but double up as a table too.

As for me, I have my knitting bag sorted out, I've got my needles, my latest project that I'm finishing off, and a Debbie Bliss knitting book, I borrowed from the library. 

The first aid kit, kitchen roll, baby wipes, corkscrew, tin/can opener and tea bags are all packed, along with a couple of tubes of my favourite paw paw ointment, I never leave the house without this product, it is the best topical treatment for everything, insect bites, cuts and bruises, rashes, chapped lips anything and everything this ointment is truly the best and it's a shame it's not widely known outside of Australia.

We are packed, we've just got the car to load in the morning, a few jobs to do, then we will be all ready to go and enjoy our next road trip in America and have some fun.

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