Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wild West Road Trip - Day 1 & 2

Day 1 - Chicago, IL - Cedar Falls, Iowa - 13th July

By some miracle and coffees in hand we set off from home around 10am as planned, we knew we were in for a few days of long car rides, we had over 300 miles to travel on our first day so after 3 hours on the road, we stopped for lunch at Denny's before continuing on, we drove through Illinois into Wisconsin and finally into Iowa, a new state for us all, and where our stop for the evening would be, in Cedar Falls, but before we got there, Mr C had discovered that en route to Cedar Falls we would pass the baseball field where they filmed Field of Dreams, so we stopped off for a visit.

And it was busy, people were playing baseball, walking through the corn, even a coach turned up with a bride and groom and all their guests, it was truly bizarre, but we got the photos taken, bought some postcards and drove away happy.

Outside the Field Of Dreams House
In The Corn Field

After a promised ice cream stop it wasn't long before we got to Cedar Falls, where the girls were excited to find out our hotel for the night had a pool and free breakfast, the priorities of kids eh? so of course after dinner, we took the kids for a good swim and play in the pool.

Day 2 - Cedar Falls, Iowa - Sioux Falls, South Dakota - 14th July

We'd had a relatively early night, so we were up early, we'd had breakfast and we were on the road to Sioux Falls, our next stop, by 8.15am not bad really, it did mean, we made great time and after our coffee and cinnamon roll stop, I took over the driving, the roads are so straight, I had cruise control on, the music was playing and the kids were busy with their little white boards (so far these have been the best buy and most used item) - happy days

As we were making good time, cruising along, we spotted a sign for the Jolly Green Giant - you know the green giant from the adverts - Ho Ho Ho Green Giant - think canned peas and corn - well we couldn't pass up this chance to see this beauty now could we, so after a little detour off the highway we got to see the jolly green giant - so surreal.

The Jolly Green Giant - ho ho ho

It wasn't long before we were leaving Iowa and into Minnesota for our drive to, another new state South Dakota, where Sioux Falls would be our stop for the evening, again this was just a stop for the night but we did find Sioux Falls (from which the city was named after) and we had a good couple of hours looking around.

Sioux Falls

Our evening accommodation was a rather nice place called Staybridge Suites - it was absolutely lovely and a pool too of course for the girls, we had dinner out at a favorite restaurant of ours Ruby Tuesday - Ruby loves it for obvious reasons, she's called Ruby, but she was also born on a Tuesday.

More exciting things to come.

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