Sunday, 23 June 2013

They Did it - The Chicago Women's Half Marathon

Today my mum and one of my best and oldest friends Vicki, ran the Chicago Women's Half Marathon and I am so proud of them. It was quite a feat, a long way 13.1 miles and in hot weather too.

They, with Pop, arrived last week on holiday from England, we had a quiet week all in preparation for today, they only managed to get out once for a run in the Chicago climate as both were struck down with a sore throat and cold symptoms, but a few early nights sorted them out enough to be able to run today.

So they were up at 4am this morning, and I in my pyjama's, up before 5am drove them into the city centre with Pop, and dropped the nervous pair off. We then ventured home, the race began at 6.30am ( too early for us) and at 5.45am it was already 23c (73f).

It was a hot day for them, all the week the weather has been up and down, mainly warm but with a few thunderstorms, and on the one day they didn't want to be running in 32c (90f) heat was today and of course it was heating up to be that.

Their supporting team consisting off myself, Mr C, Pop (also known as Mick) and the girls wanted to cheer them on at the finishing line, so we headed down around 9.30am, the marathon had officially been running about 2hrs 50 mins.

Here they come
And the finish line is near
And over the line they go

We nearly cheered on two complete strangers thinking they were Vicki & Mum, but no it wasn't, but we gave them a cheer anyway. It wasn't long though before Pop spotted the running pair and the cheering team got to work, we had the big hands waving and our voices out cheering, it was great watching them run past and over the finish line in their times of 3.07.28 & 3.07.29 - a wonderful result for a wonderful pair of runners.

They looked knackered, they felt knackered, they said it was tough, but they are glad to have finished it, so we celebrated with breakfast at Lou Mitchell's (start of Route 66) before taking them home for a very well deserved rest.

Well Mum and Vicki - I am so proud of you completing a half marathon, you have inspired me, but maybe not as far as doing a half marathon but we shall see.

Now for a well deserved beer

Ps my mum is 60 well done Mum

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  1. That is so impressive! Well done to both of them. Has your mum always run, or did she take it up recently? Maybe there's hope for me yet ;)


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