Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tilly Finishes For Summer....

.....and that's 94 days of summer holidays for Tilly before she goes back to Pre-School.

She has really enjoyed her year at Cherry and has excelled in many ways, it's been a big year for her as we have got her into speech therapy and she is really coming on great, really working on those "s" & "f" sounds at the moment as she has an articulation speech problem.

The kids at Cherry celebrated the end of their year with an ice-cream party and a little show for the parents. It was fab, they sang 3 songs all very cute.

Singing Away
And not forgetting the actions too

They are a really great group of kids, it was a lovely class to be in and Tilly made lots of friends, she really enjoyed "school"

To say thank you to the teachers, Tilly & I made some mini banana bread loaves, and packaged them up, and Tilly made each teacher a little Hama/Perler bead coaster with their initial on it.

Tilly finished off their boxes with a personal Thank You

We didn't quite managed to get a photo with all the teachers but we did get this one, which I think is lovely.

Tilly & Michaela
We are sad that this was her last year at Cherry and not because she goes into Kindergarten (the cut off date here is September 1st, she has to be 5 on or before that date, and she misses it by 29 days) but because we are moving her to a different pre-school, one that is closer to Ruby's school and one that does mornings only so by 9.15 am 4 days a week I will be child-free and hoping to work.

Roll on 94 days of Summer.......

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  1. Wow, that is a long summer holiday! Is the break as long for school children?
    I'm glad that Tilly has had a good year, and the new preschool sounds exciting too.
    We have just started speech therapy here, Ss and Fs and K sounds (and lots of blends too) are tricky for Milla... but the speech therapists are amazing, aren't they?
    Hope you enjoy your summer!


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