Sunday, 5 August 2012

Road Trip - Day 11 Cherry Creek Farm

After a yummy traditional Amish breakfast, a run around with the kids, some egg collecting and a quick change we headed for Cherry Crest Farm  - where we were told there was an amazing (corn) maize maze. I expected we'd probably have a few hours there, then could do Strasburg on the way back.... little did I know how great this place was for the kids and we'd end up spending all day there

To begin admission was only $15 each and this entitled us to unlimited entry until September now that is a good deal if we were local to the area, we started by going on the tractor ride around the farm, we got to hear about the history and how the farm had been diary farm etc, then it was back to the maze area, where in addition to the maze, there was plenty of other things to do....

Big bounce mats, race carts, hay stack obstacle course, playgrounds, gem dig, hay stack tunnels, a super chute slide, and hay stack slide - we all had a go on the big bounce mats, I rode the go carts as did Ruby and we all went on the big slides that was so much fun and the girls spent ages at the playground, it was gone 2pm and we hadn't even had lunch or done the maze, there was so much to do, so after a quick lunch, a small tractor ride for the girls, a look in the discovery centre, where we held a few baby chicks, saw a baby goat, feed a goat and looked at the pigs we finally made it into the maze.

Go Team Chaplin

The maze was huge, it was a-maze-ing, we had 3 choices to do - follow the yellow flags and that took us round the outside of the maze and only took 15 mins to do - not enough of a challenge for us Chaplins though, the orange had more of a challenge and you could collect some of maze pieces around the maze time 45 mins, and red the ultimate challenge collect all 15 maze pieces plus solve a crossword puzzle time 2hrs to complete, we decided to do the orange challenge, but we got so engrossed in the challenge we decided to find and collect all 15 pieces and we nearly did it but we ran out of time (the maze was closing) and we only missed it by 2 pieces in the end we'd been in there nearly 2 hours and the girls loved it.  It was a great day out.

Back to the farm we went, the girls hunted out Stephen to play with whilst we chilled out for an hour, then it was time for dinner and we ended up choosing to have dinner at  Stoudt's Brewing Company  it's one of the pioneering craft breweries in America, and offers a variety of amazing Lagers and Ales. I tried the Scarlet Lady Ale - an English style ale and it was delicious and went well with my Weiss wurst dinner.

After dinner it was back to the farm, and after we'd put the kids to bed, Mr C and I enjoyed a couple more Scarlet Lady's whilst watching a movie on the Mac.

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