Friday, 10 August 2012

Make it Perfect Meets Prints Charming

Living where I did, in Australia, in the lovely leafy suburb of Leichhardt, I was lucky to live so close to the Prints Charming studio and shop, through many visits and purchases of their beautiful fabric, embroidery panels etc,  I got to know the ladies Kath & Kirsten, so lovely are these ladies (they probably won't remember it, as it was before I shopped there regularly) that Kath, on a day where the shop was closed but a class was on, kindly let me into the shop to purchase some fabric for my lovely friend Lesley, the urgency was my friend lives in London and I was flying out the next day, she saved my bacon that day as I'd had the list of fabrics for ages naughty me.

The ladies also very kindly donated a raffle prize to the playgroup in Annandale I was chairperson of when I organised the Christmas Raffle - I mean how nice is that, they are truly wonderful ladies. My only regret is I still haven't managed to their fabulous screen printing class or their wonderful embroidery class. I did manage to book onto the screen printing class but then we got the news we were moving to Chicago so I couldn't do it, but I will one day.

Living in Australia and being a crafty lady I was also lucky to come across the Make it Perfect patterns - great patterns, great styles and easy to make, the first skirt I ever made for myself was the Versatile Wrap and I've made 3 of those now, so what could be more perfect ? well what was more perfect was Toni Coward the lady behind Make it Perfect made a book.

And I love this book - I have made 3 pairs of the 2-in-1 shorts, 2 Picnic in the Park Capelet and 1 Kid's Vest so far out of this book, I have the tea party skirt, Frothy Skirt, Gelato Skirt (for me) and Snug as a Bug PJ's bookmarked to make next.

But want I wanted to show you was the result of the Prints Charming fabric meeting one of the Make it Perfect Patterns by showing you the lovely Picnic in the Park Capelets - which I love and my girls love too, both of them straight away picked this fabulous Prints Charming fabric, Ruby wanted a pink inside and Tilly wanted purple so here are the results I hope you like them.

Here are my cheeky monkeys modelling their capes - as you can see they do dress themselves. 


  1. So cute! The capes look gorgeous, I must track down that book.

  2. Suzy - thanks for your comment you can buy the book direct from the Make it Perfect website if you are having trouble tracking it down. It's my favourite sewing book so far enjoy


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