Sunday, 26 August 2012

Big Weekend - Mr C's Birthday

The best way to start the weekend is having the girls grandad, more commonly known as D-Dad arrive (my dad) on Friday - although immigration did him no favours, they confiscated my beef Oxo cubes and it took him over 2 hours to get out, but that aside he is here safe and sound woo hoo.

Then Saturday was Mr C's birthday and Mr C loves birthdays so with that in mind I thought we'd make his birthday extra special, so the day started with his favourite breakfast - Eggs Benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce, and a present treasure hunt complete with clues.

The girls & Mr C had so much fun, but we saved the best surprise for last and took Mr C on a road trip to........ Legoland - yeah we all love Lego in our family so I thought it would be a great day out for all of us.

And a great day out it was, there was a huge Lego display of Chicago with all the major places/buildings of attraction, a Jungle area, Star Wars, a great Laser Quest game ride, Lego Friends, a 4D movie, Lego stations you could build to your hearts content, which we did, and much more - it was truly a great day out and we saved $30 on our admission by having a Legoland coupon

After our huge day at Legoland - yes there is more, we did the birthday boy his birthday cake - all home made by the girls and I and we had fun making it the day before.

And in the evening we went out to dinner to Mr C's favourite pizza restaurant Spacca Napoli - it's a fantastic authentic Italian serving great pizzas, great desserts and great coffee.

All in all we had a fantastic day out celebrating Mr C's birthday.  

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  1. Oooops shame about the oxos! Good job I didn't get you a shop load. Love mum x


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