Saturday, 16 March 2013

WW Week 10

Week 10 weight GAIN + 0.4kgs/0.88lbs

Arghhhhh so I have recorded my first weight gain in the WW journey, I am only surprised it wasn't more, you see my dear dear Grandad died this week, I got the news on Sunday he had passed - a very sad time for us all and I can't even be with my family in the UK - well not yet anyway.

Luckily my Dad arrived on Tuesday, and after chatting to him, it was decided I was going to fly home with him and attend the funeral, luckily my mum was able to delay the funeral, so I can attend. I am very close to my Grandad, so close he gave me away at my wedding.

So because of this news, my WW plan went slightly astray this week, it didn't help that my dad brought me over some Cadbury's Mini Eggs that were quickly devoured by moi and on top of that we've enjoyed several more glasses of red, than I normally would.

I've not been at all motivated this week, forgetting to use my points tracker, not exercising. I didn't even get on the treadmill until yesterday, my first time on it in a week and boy did I notice it.

I'm not going to be tough on myself or feel guilty for the gain, it happened and that's it, next week is another week.

As the week has gone on, and knowing my Grandad is in the best place, he was poorly and more or less housebound so his passing is a blessing, I've started to feel better and ready to get back on the WW wagon and aim for a good 1kg/2.2lbs weight loss this next week.

Favorite Meal - Chorizo & Butter Bean Stew - 10 Points

Favorite Snack - Has to be the Mini Eggs - 6 points per 1/4 bag - I did manage to eat the whole bag over 3 days though oopsie.

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