Friday, 29 March 2013

I'm 40 and I'm Proud

Baby Me

Wow where did the last 40 years go...... some of it I can remember some of it I can't but all in all I'm very pleased with it all. In the last 40 years I've found some amazing friends & I have an amazing family, I've been able to travel, I've lived in the UK, Australia and America, I've backpacked around Australia, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, got married in the beautiful Hunter Valley, had my babies, my two beautiful girls and then there is everything in between- I got to do a lot of amazing things really.

How Birthday's were celebrated - homemade cake & friends - that's me on the right

My Bestfriends

My gorgeous mum & I before the biggest event of my life

Yesterday was my 40th, I've had many a birthday where I've partied hard, but this one, yes my 40th, was one I was looking forward too, no hard core partying for me, just celebrating with the family and it was great.

Mr C & the girls surprised me with Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in bed, yummy, I then got told to say in bed so I opened my lovely cards and then I got treated to breakfast in bed - wow.

Then it was time to open my presents except I had to go on a treasure hunt to find them, with Ruby reading the clues and Tilly leading the way and my dad and Mr C holding up the rear, I managed to find all my presents and I was so pleased with them all.

- a new pair of posh running shoes from my dad who was over for my 40th
- a winter coat from my mum (although technically this was a very early present as I've been wearing it for the last 2 months)
- a clothes shop gift voucher and a book from my girlies
- a Namaste Zuma bag (for my knitting) and ravioli set from my parents (in law)
- a gorgeous handbag in my favorite colour and fab tea towel from my lovely friend Lesley
- flowers and a balloon from the lovely Freeman's in Sydney - thank you so much my gorgeous Mel
- some lovely kitchenware from my friend Anna and the family
- a spa gift voucher to a top spa here in Chicago from my Sister & brother in law - I can honestly not wait to use this
- and finally a brand new overlooker/serger from Mr C it was just what I wanted

With presents done, I left the clan to go and have some me time at the nail salon, then it was time for my afternoon birthday treat. I have always wanted to go and have afternoon tea at a lovely establishment, it must be the English in me, I wanted to do it in Sydney but never got round to it

So I was very pleased to find out we were going to the Historic Drake Hotel in Chicago for Afternoon Tea - and it was wonderful, everything I expected it to be and more, we enjoyed delightful sandwiches, fruit bread & scones, French pastries and more, along with pots of tea - I choose an Orange Dulce - a brew teeming with notes of bergamot, orange, vanilla and jasmine blossoms - could a tea sound any nicer.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, with my dad and Mr C - Tilly and Ruby loved their "tea" chocolate milk straight out of a tea pot

Tilly practicing her Afternoon Tea skills

We couldn't wait for the food to come out, as in the menu it all sounded delicious.

Enjoying a tea - in a very British way
Where do I start first........

The sandwiches were yummy, as too were the banana bread and scones -with Devonshire cream and strawberry jam what more could a girl ask for - except a top plate of little french pastries - it was an afternoon delight.

We all tucked in and enjoyed the afternoon immensely - except for poor Ruby who at this point had started to feel unwell.

The night before, as technically it was my birthday in Australia, we did the cake - Mr C had made me a red velvet birthday cake with a little help from the girls

And it was truly delicious - look at all that red loveliness.

This girl knows how to party -well use too

The other best thing about the day was all the lovely birthday wishes I received on facebook - I truly felt the love. 

Happy 40th to me.


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