Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sew Crazy

Sew (ha ha) I promised myself this year I would complete a sewing project every fortnight and I'm pleased to say I am more than exceeding this goal, so far this year I have made 3 curtains, 2 skirts for the girls, 2 "quilts" for their favourite soft toys, 2 dresses and a kindle cover - phew I'm sew exhausted.

I'm particularly pleased with the dresses, which are basically a long sleeved T-shirt with a skirt attached, I'd first seen the idea in my Make It Perfect book - a great sewing book by the way, and bought the tops from Target in Sydney over 2 years ago, yes that is how long I've been meaning to make these, luckily my girls are small so the tops still fitted them, in the end I actually followed this tutorial, rather than the make it perfect one, purely because I was after the skirt being attached lower down and a non tiered look. I will say though I used more fabric for the skirt, than tutorial advised, for Tilly who is 4 I used 10" and Ruby 12" this includes seam allowance.

I love the fabric Ruby choose for her skirt part - it by an Australian Fabric Designer - Saffron Craig - I really love her fabrics and I love supporting Australian Designers.

I'm very pleased with everything I've made in the last couple of weeks, I've definitely gone sew crazy. 

Couple of cord skirts for the girls

 The baby "quilts" for their animals - especially useful when the animals have been to the vets.

One Kindle cover made for Mr C - fabric from Ikea and is a mini version of the cover I did for our Ipad.

In between all my craftiness, I am also hoping, fingers and toes crossed, that sometime this year I get chosen for this craft weekend , I really really want to go, it's looks like craft heaven.

And in between all this sewing I'm knitting a Gap-tastic Cowl for myself in a lovely red, and my next knitting project will be this little jumper I'm just deciding on the colour and yarn to use, I am so excited as this one will really test my knitting skills, oh and I'd like to knit a Kina for Ruby, but I'll get her to pick the yarn for that, after all she is the one who will be wearing it.

Gap-tastic Cowl nearly finished

And next up on the sewing front are some bids for this project Craft Hope - I thought this would be a good way to use up my stash of fabrics for a good cause - will any one be joining me? I'm going to be sew busy.....

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