Saturday, 3 May 2014

Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014

I love participating Kids Clothes Week (KCW) it's my favorite excuse to hid away in my sewing room for a week, only coming out for cups of tea, well I wish anyway.

As we were on vacation the actual week of KCW, I had my KCW last week and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Well I was enjoying myself, until my sewing machine decided to get a little playful with me, turns out a good clean of the bobbin area, and a sharper needle solved the problem.

My first project of the week was a new pattern from Make It Perfect, one of my favorite designers, her new pattern is the Mini Shearwater Kaftan for kids and with Summer hopefully not too far away I thought this would be the perfect top to make my girls - it will be great for the beach.

Here's how I spent my week....

Day 1 - I spent the first day cutting out the pattern pieces.
Day 2 - I started sewing the pieces together, until it was time to sew the sleeves on, and this is when my sewing machine decided to flip out on me, so I thought it was a good time to stop and have a look at it.
Day 3 - Machine cleaned and a sharper needle put in place, the fabric I was using was very lightweight, I made the bias binding and it wasn't long before the Kaftan was finished.
Day 4 - I started the 2nd Kaftan and got as far as sewing the sleeves on, which was great progress (and ok I'll admit it I managed slightly longer than 1 hour in my room)
Day 5 - 2nd Kaftan complete and another one started, I have the Kaftan bug.
Day 6 - 3rd Kaftan was nearly completed today, pieces all cut out and sewn together.
day 7 - I finished the 3rd Kaftan and got started on my 4th which is a present for a little lady friend of ours.
And here are the finished Kaftans

Kaftan 1 - made from a very lightweight fabric I bought in Sydney about 8 years ago that I was going to make myself a top with. I never did get around to making that top.

Kaftan 2 - as modeled by my gorgeous (if I do say so myself) Ruby - she picked out this lovely fabric from my stash, which again I bought about 8 years ago in Sydney, which I used to make myself a skirt on a sewing course with my friend Lesley (and yes Lesley I still have the unfinished skirt...somewhere....)

Kaftan 3 - Fabric from my favorite Fabric Designers - Prints Charming - I love love their fabrics and was lucky to pick up about 2 metres of this fabric, for very little, in one of their fantastic sales. I do miss having them on my door step.

And if you live in Sydney you have to do one of their screen printing classes - go book it now you will not be disappointed.

Kaftan Review (after making 3 in one week) - I am totally in love with this pattern - hands down it is probably the best pattern I have ever bought and sewn, the attention to detail is fab, right down to the fact the sleeves have a tab sewn onto the inside so you can fold the sleeves up on warmer days, and it has side slits and a lovely front planket detail - I love it. Pattern is very easy to follow, once I had completed the first one, I whipped out the 2nd and 3rd in no time.

I would highly recommend this pattern.

I plan to make the girls at least 4 more each, with summer coming up and long lazy days at the beach these will be absolutely perfect.

And it has inspired me to get my Make it Perfect Kaftan pattern out to make up a couple for myself.

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