Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Kid's Clothes Week - April 22-29

I'm so happy I came across this yesterday  - Kid's Clothes Week it's right up my alley and I couldn't wait to get started.

So I abandoned my ironing, plonked Tilly in front of the computer (ABC Mouse) and literally ran to my sewing room to get started, I actually did only have an hour to spare, as school pick up was just over an hour away and I wanted to get something made.

As I hadn't had time to plan anything, or search Pinterest for ideas, I went with an old favorite, a simple skirt with an elasticated waist for my eldest daughter Ruby, luckily over the weekend she had been through my fabric stash and picked out some lovely Prints Charming fabric. so with that in mind I got to work.

Just under 1 hour later the skirt was completed, elastic in, and hemmed - brilliant I was so pleased.

The fabric Ruby chose, is from my favorite Australian Fabric Designers Prints Charming I was lucky to pick up a good amount of this fabric at an incredible price at one of their sales - I was very pleased. In fact I'm now thinking this fabric would make a great Kaftan for me and I have the perfect (Make it Perfect) pattern for it - it's the Shearwater Kaftan.

Day 2 - I haven't done my hour yet today, I've had a busy day and spent the afternoon at Tilly's pre-school- so instead I'm going to choose what I'm going to make next, and get the fabric cut out this evening so I'm ready to pin and sew tomorrow. As long as I get my hour in I will be happy.

Then I'll have the pleasure of watching the final of the The Great British Sewing Bee which is nothing like Project Runway or Fashion Star but a show I am enjoying immensely.

Keep sewing ladies

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