Monday, 3 December 2012

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

The holiday season has well and truly begun, I can't tell you how many cars I saw out at the weekend with Christmas Trees fastened to their roof, on their way home to be lovingly decorated.

So in true Christmas style we too went Christmas Tree shopping this weekend and came home with a giant 8ft tree, all bare and ready to be decorated in true Chaplin style.

Mr C & Ruby made a quick trip to Target for lights and ornaments, as it was clear the ornaments we brought with us weren't going to fill this giant tree and it was the first time we'd had a real tree, it smells lovely and as it is a real tree with lots of pine needles,  I'm thinking my first job will be to make a tree skirt.

The girls were super excited to be decorating the tree, it is their favourite thing to do at Christmas, when we lived in Australia, Mr C and the girls would put our tree up and decorate it whilst I was a work. It was lovely coming home and seeing the Christmas Tree all done. This year we all got to do it together.

The girls absolutely love decorating the tree
Tilly doing her bit by putting on a bauble
Ruby putting her Candy Cane decoration on

We had lots of baubles to put on the tree, along with a few of our own special decorations, such as homemade ones by the girls, and ones we've been sent from Lesley & Grannie & Grandad - it's lovely to put these back on the tree year after year

It was great watching the girls choose where to put the decorations, and with a little from us we managed to get the decorations well placed we think and have a good looking Christmas Tree.

We also got the girls Advent Calenders up and filled, Grannie made these for the girls a few Christmases ago, she posted them over to Australia already full of little goodies, and each year they come out, I refill the pockets and the girls get to enjoy them again. We've put them on the stairs so the girls can reach them easily (although I'm not sure that is a good idea)

And we decorated the hall stairs - I'm thinking we just need some red bows on that lovely pine garland.

More lovely decorations and the Advent Calenders

This year I've done a combination of small chocolates and gifts, except the gifts are too big to put in the pockets, so I made a little letter telling the girls to come and find me for their surprise. Day 1 they got a little Santa chocolate and day 2 was a biggie, it was a Hama/Perler Bead Christmas Set to make and then hang on the tree.

Busy with the Santa Hama Bead set
Tilly busy doing her kit and yes she choose to dress like this

And now with Christmas around the corner, I've got plenty of Christmas sewing and Christmas Craft I'd like to do with the girls - I have a few ideas and hopefully I'll be sharing those soon too but first to order my Christmas fabric I like this job.

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