Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Nanna Comes For A Visit

My lovely gorgeous Nanna, who is 93 years young, I have to add, has come for a visit, all the way from England to America, her first time across the Pond (Atlantic Ocean) and her first time to Chicago.

My ever so lovely Dad offered to bring her over, as she so much wanted to come and without a partner in crime, she probably wouldn't have managed it by herself. My Nan is still in great health, ok her eyesight is failing and she's not that great on her pins, but she didn't let that stop her when she decided she wanted to come for a visit.

They both had a good flight over, and my Dad made me laugh when he told me halfway through the flight, my Nanna asked him, if they'd stopped - too funny.

Since they have arrived we've had some fun, Nanna is enjoying being with us all. Nanna & I have been enjoying lots of girl time, sitting out in the late September sun, on the deck chatting chatting andeven more chatting, Nanna soaking up the sun and me knitting - perfect.

Nanna, Dad & I also enjoyed a rare night out together, as Craig and the girls where on a Daddy & Daughters camp night, and we went for a lovely dinner at Pete Millers.

The next day once the girls were home, we took Nanna down to Lighthouse Beach to have a little walk out and around.

We've spent days, chatting, hanging out together, going out for lunch, Nanna decided as much as she was on holiday, so was I. We showed her around our little city, where the girls go to school and we even managed a bit of clothes shopping. My Nanna loves her clothes.

Another place we took Nanna too, was the lovely Chicago Botanical Gardens, which she loved, we also said Grandad would have loved this place too, it is beautiful. We took the road train around the gardenS and enjoyed the Model Railway too, it was such a perfect day out.

We also visited Lincoln Park Zoo - which is truly lovely zoo, just outside the city, it's a great place to go and it's free too and again the weather was just perfect for a day at the Zoo

The day after Tilly's 5th Birthday party (more on that too follow) we took Nanna & D-Dad up to Apple Holler for a day out, it's a short drive into Wisconsin and as the weather was still glorious, it was also very busy.

We had a fab day out, the kids loved it, apple picking, playing in the farm/play area, lunch at the restaurant & eating apples.

Nanna really enjoyed seeing the animals, she loves horses and the goats got a pet too, but she wasn't keen on the pig racing.

We ended the day buying a homemade Cherry Pie and some apple cider doughnuts - yummy

In their last week with us we took Nanna down into Chicago city itself, she couldn't get over how tall the building were, we had a look around Navy Pier and then took her up the John Hancock Building, this time not for cocktails (as it was too early) but for a coffee at the lovely bar on level 96.

Nanna really enjoyed the views from the Hancock Building, it is, as always, very impressive.

And to end their holiday, whilst Tilly was at Pre school followed by lunch bunch, Nanna, D-Dad and I escaped into the city to do an open top bus tour of Chicago - we went with Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Tours and did the full round trip, which lasted just over 2 hours and was great fun and very interesting too, it was the only day so far that had been grey, but it was still warm.

Enjoying the sights & building of Chicago and learning about it's fascinating history.

We timed the day perfectly, having enough time to park, do the tour and get back in time to pick Tilly up from school. Luckily I discovered a great app/website called Spothero where you can find cheap central parking in Chicago, so we got parking in the Loop close to Millennium Park for only $10 bargain.

The day before Nanna & D-Dad left, the sun was back out it was 26c and a half day at school, so after picking the girls up, we bought sandwiches and coffee and had a little picnic at a park overlooking the lake, with terrific views of Chicago City in the distance, if the girls hadn't have had swimming we could have stayed there all day, we were enjoying the sunshine and the girls were enjoying the playground.

I had to take my opportunity to Instagram Nanna - I love this photo.

And on their final day, we took it easy, buying last minute presents, packing etc, the weather wasn't quite as warm to enjoy sandwiches by the lake as we had planned, but we still enjoyed our last day together, and as soon as Ruby finished school we were off to the airport for a very tearful goodbye.

I am still in awe of my fabulous Nanna, not letting her age stop her from a visit to Chicago, in fact she doesn't let her age stop her from doing anything, she's always been an adventurous one, and has always had plenty of get up and go, she has been my true inspiration in life, a lady I have and will always look up too, oh and did I mention determined too, she's determined to live to 100, and determined to come back again that's my Nan and I know for sure she will do both. Nanna I love you.

And I can't leave without saying a big HUGE thank you to my dad who truly made this visit possible - I will be forever grateful to you Dad.

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